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11 Popular Social Media Influencers in South Africa

Social media platforms are homes for influencers. With a solid fan or follower base, this marketing strategy offers you a great way to boost brand awareness. 


More and more businesses in South Africa invest in working with influencers for their Instagram marketing, TikTok marketing, and now even YouTube marketing.


While it can be quite costly when working with popular global influencers, you can still partner with micro-influencers within the state. After all, the number of followers means nothing when the engagement rate is low.


Here are some popular social media influencers in South Africa you can follow or collaborate with.

1. Nandi Madida

Nandi Madida is a 32-year-old singer, actress, model, and television presenter from Maphumolo. On her Instagram page (@nandi_madida), Madida often shares posts around fashion and beauty topics with her 3.2 million followers.

2. Boitumelo Thulo

@boity is a TV personality, businesswoman, rapper, and actress. She has 5.8 million followers on Instagram and 115K followers on TikTok and often shares hard-learned lessons from her experience and successful journey as an entrepreneur. 

3. Kefilwe Mabote

Mabote is one of the most popular luxuries and style influencers. She posts mostly about fashion, beauty, and travel. Around 180 projects from any brands (from big corporates to local ones) have collaborated with her.

4. The Blonde Abroad

When you’re a big fan of solo traveling, you might consider following @theblondeaboard on Instagram. The travel blogging account managed by Kiersten shares inspiration for destinations and travel tips. Kris also has a YouTube channel with 38K subscribers for her vlogs.

5. Kelly KikX

Kelly is probably one of the most well-known South African TikTok influencers with 1M followers. Since she’s a dancer herself, she mostly posts dance videos on TikTok– sometimes Twitch streaming and quick vlogs too. Sony Music, Hisense, Standard Bank, H&M, Coca-Cola, and Axe are some brands that she has worked with.

6. Nuzhah Jacobs

Nuzhah is a self-thought makeup artist based in Cape Town. She shares the beauty products she uses, makeup inspirations, and even fashion and outfit ideas. She mainly uses Instagram for her content, but sometimes he also uploads TikTok and YouTube videos.

7. Clement Maosa

Clement Maosa is a rising social media influencer all the way from Bolobedu. He’s an actor, radio DJ, and model. With 1.5M followers on Instagram, he loves to show his work life as a musician and activities to the public.

8. Lorna Maseko

Lorna Maseko is an award-winning celebrity chef. So she dedicated her social media platforms to her cooking. From Instagram to TikTok, Lorna shares cooking tips, recipes, and even mukbang.

9. Yaya Mzazi

Luyanda “Yaya” Mzazi is a South African actress and television personality. She uses her Instagram account to share her daily life and collaborate with some brands with her 640K followers.

10. Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali is a certified makeup artist and multi-award-winning content creator with 1.9 followers on Instagram. She often posts about her lifestyle and outfit inspirations.

11. Chané Grobler

Chané Grobler is a social media influencer from Limpopo. Her TikTok account has more than 84.6M likes and 2.5M followers. She often posts about dance challenges and dubbed videos. On Instagram, she often shares her daily life, and some brand deals with her 100K followers.


If you’re a South African business looking for an engaging way to get your name out there, influencer marketing can be such a promising option. There are tons of them on the digital platforms out there. But those names mentioned above can be worth considering working with. 


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