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3 Personalised Gift Ideas In 2022

Buying a gift for the person in your life who already has everything doesn’t have to be a challenge. Getting personal with customised items like personalised wall calendars, soft furnishings and luxury garments is a great way to overcome the burden of continually having to creatively think of out the box, when gifting Christmas, birthday and special occasion presents.

Our practical guide will help to make shopping for presents much more enjoyable, and take your gift ideas to the next level…

1. Monogrammed Silk Pyjamas

A little personalisation can go a long way towards elevating the desirability of a gift. To impress the lucky recipient of your gift, this Christmas, it’s a good idea to go all out for luxe.

Whether you’re shopping for him or for her, classic and elegant silk pyjamas are guaranteed to never go out of fashion. In the homes of the rich and famous, this traditional nightwear garment is often worn as statement casual loungewear. Choose pyjamas that flaunt beautiful tailoring and chic personalised monogram detail that can be added to the front or the back of the shirt style pyjama top.

And just because you’re shopping on a budget this year, it doesn’t have to mean that you have to compromise on style. If pure silk PJs are out of your price range, you can still deliver big on timeless elegance by opting for cool and high-quality cotton. Look for classy pyjamas that feature something extra, like contrast coloured edge piping or pearlised buttons.

2. Customised Cushions

Surprise someone you love by gifting them a pile of beautiful, luxuriously soft, and unique photo personalised cushions. For a touch of luxe, choose stylish square cushions that are covered in a tactile, machine washable suede-like fabric which makes them ultra huggable.

What makes this gift special is that you decide on the design that s displayed on one or both sides of the versatile interior accessory. It’s fun to feature your favourite photo memories of the person you are gifting on an item that they will use every day. Sort through your snaps and pick out a selection that is perfectly themed to coordinate with their décor style. Alternatively, you can or opt to display a variety of images that show off your friend’s personality and good taste.

If you’re buying for a family, choose a custom cushion for each member. A soft furnishings collection that includes cushions that feature stunning photos of mum, dad, and the kids is a novel idea that could easily become an interior design trend within your social circle.

If you’re stuck for photo inspiration, take a sneaky look around the home of the person you’re planning to shop for. Check out their style and interests for original personalisation ideas. Perhaps they have a passion for sports, gardening or collecting specific things? Or they love to pamper a furry best friend? A pit-stop tour of their home, or workspace, can easily provide you with a wealth of ideas to create your own photos ready for printing on soft furnishings.

If you love the customised cushion gift suggestion but you’re not 100% sold on the photo element, you can always choose to design fabulous artistic illustrations, whimsical child-like crayon coloured pictures or quirky cartoons of the gift recipient. Express your creativity with bold and bright drawings that draw attention to your friend’s pale skin and freckles, slick hairstyle or other key attributes. Have the one-of-a-kind designs printed onto high-quality canvas covered cushions.

3. Stylishly Practical Personalised Wall Calendars

Just because someone loves gifts that are practical and functional, it doesn’t have to mean that you’re limited on choice, if you want to buy a present that effortlessly ticks all of their must-have boxes. Personalised wall calendars are versatile, striking and anything but predictable.

Swap the unusual generic off-the-shelf calendar for something that creates a strong statement. A stylish and modern design wall calendar that is customisable can display unique arrangements of your favourite photos, as well as themed snaps and other special and meaningful happy memory images.

If you’re shopping tor a friend or family member who adores travelling, you can create a wow factor customised calendar that highlights a series of stunning locations that they have visited all over the world. Or even display a selection of photos that you’ve pooled from other friends to inspire wanderlust, and give the gift recipient a reason to daydream about their next holiday adventure.

A luxurious and bespoke calendar offers unlimited design potential. It’s entirely up to you what theme of images you want to display on it, and the style of the arrangement of individual prints. You can curate a spectacular collection of gorgeous landscapes and feature the images one per page/calendar month. Or opt to show off eye-catching photo montage/ collages of up to 6 images at a time.

Elegant foil detail upgrades the luxe quota of any customised A4 size wall calendar that you choose to present to a loved one this Christmas. You can also complement your favourite photos with text that helps to bring the images to life.

Personalised wall calendars are perfect for Christmas gifting as they mark the beginning of a new year in style. A customised calendar makes a great gift for your partner, parents, grandparents, boss, work colleagues, and your bestest friend. They can beautifully present happy memories of the past and present day, and offer someone something to look forward to every day.on pinay flix.

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