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8 Significant Reasons to Repaint Your Fences

Many homeowners get confused about whether or not they should repaint their fences. They prioritise wall, exterior, interior, and roof painting in Melbourne over the fences, which shouldn’t be the case always. Fences not only guard your home but add to the benefits and beauty of your yard so why not repaint and maintain them? We are here with the top reasons to paint your fences. Let’s take a look!

Rot Protection

Paint holds the best potential to protect your home’s fences. When applied by a professional, ample paint will guard your fence against the sun, rain, and wind for many years.Paint seals the wood, preventing water from penetrating and rotting it prematurely. It extends the life of your fence, so you don’t have to worry about repainting it unless you want to change the colour or try something new.Depending on the fencing material, you may need to apply a primer first, so make sure your professionals do that. It will ensure the best adhesion, allowing you to achieve the best finish. Then comes applying a coat of high-quality latex paint that best suits fences.Finally, when done, you will instantly see the look change, and as it protects your fences from rotting, you will appreciate the additional layer of protection.

Low Maintenance

In terms of upkeep, a painted fence requires very little. You’ll not even have to do much for this. You can use a garden hose to wash the fencing gently. It can remove grime and dirt without damaging the paint.Regular cleaning will keep your fence from rotting and will make it last longer. You may not need to apply a fresh coat of paint for at least five years if you use high-quality paint.

Style Preference

It is another significant reason you must think about repainting your fences. Like, aren’t you bored of the same look of your fences? When you paint your fence, you have many colours to choose from. You can match your fencing to a favourite feature of your home. You could paint your garage doors and fence the same colour or use the traditional white picket fence.The possibilities of painting your fences are limitless just like roof painting. Choosing the right colour for your fencing can improve curb appeal and make it stand out.

Avoid Staining

You can replace the painting with staining. Staining is another way to protect your fences which comes in a colossal range of colours, but painting can save you more money because it lasts longer than staining and takes less time to apply and dry.The stain can get painted over. So, if you chose a stain and the constant need to stain or seal your fence is driving you insane, you can easily switch to paint. For this, you will not even have to remove the stain. But before you do so, make sure to clean the surface before beginning to paint.


Painting the fences is hassle-free work. You can paint whether the sun is shining brightly or hiding behind clouds. The only thing that can halt you is rain. It is relatively simple and can be completed in a short span of time. The required time highly depends on the size of your fencing. Good quality paints dry quickly, so you won’t have to wait days for the paint to set.

Curb Appeal

Your old fence does not have to look dull and worn. With a fresh coat of paint, you can make it look like your professionals built it yesterday. Bright colours make it stand out and give your home a modern, trendy look. This curb appeal can elevate the value of your home, especially if you plan to sell.

Appear Pleasing

A brightly coloured fence will stand out among the usual whites and creams. However, if you want to get competitive and make your fences look better than your neighbours, you should paint your fence a bright colour. Simply looking at lemon yellow can help brighten your or someone else’s day. Sea blue can represent your calm side, while green can be soothing to some people.If you want to stand out, you can start with the colour of your fence’s paint. You have an entire rainbow palette to work with, so you will have many options to figure out which colour best suits your style.

Deter Pests

A coat of sealer can repel water from a wood fence, preventing rot, which insects love to hide in. It also deters pests from attempting to eat the material. Every year, reapply the sealer.If you want to add colour and make your fence look vibrant, consider using paint as an insect deterrent. The wood may require a fresh coat of paint every two or three years or sooner if the current coat is chipped or cracked.Even with sealer and paint, avoid getting water on the wood when possible. When watering nearby vegetation, do not set up sprinklers or spray the planks with a hose.

Blue Sky Coatings: Professional Fence Painters

Repainting your fences may not be the most exciting project on your list, but it’s one of the most important. By taking the time and contacting the professionals like roof painters in Melbourne, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful fence for many years to come.Whether residential or commercial, our experts from Blue Sky Coatings are certified and experienced to carry out any painting job. Get in touch with us at and hire our fence painting soon!

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