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A comprehensive guide on European Soccer Leagues


European Soccer Leagues entail the sports arrangement in a football association where a generation of professional football growth is developed in Europe. The members are usually professional football organization leagues of twenty-nine countries. This article will give you a simple guide on the important and well-known leagues in Europe.

I’m sure you are in this article because you are a soccer fan, and you keep enjoying everything related to football. You need to properly read and understand these five leagues for you to know all the information you require. Without further ado, let’s navigate to the most prominent European Soccer Leagues that we know.

1. Premier League

By beginning with the first one, the Premier League is known to be the best English league globally. It is sometimes known as the English Premier League (EPL). They usually have the best teams to raise the available trophy in every season. The teams which are currently available in the league include; Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham.

At the English Premier League, all the twenty teams usually play at their homes and away in thirty-eight games per season. The season takes place from August to May of the following year. A draw in both teams is always one point and a zero point for a loss. If you win, you will get three points. The team which has many points when the season finishes up will be the winner.

The twenty teams which are available in EPL started in 1995. However, they are not usually the same. In European Soccer Leagues, it is always a rule that when a team is ranked at the lowest part of a season, it will be downgraded to the European final league championship (EFL).

In European premier league history, the best four teams from 2000 have been Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United. They were the only best four teams who managed to qualify for the Champions League.

2. La Liga

The second league in European Soccer Leagues is La Liga which has the best players and clubs in the world. It has a common function with the English Premier League. Meaning it uses a duplicate double round-robin method. It also uses a common point structure, promotion, and relegation. Spain, which is an alternative to the European final league championship, is called La Liga 2.

As I said before, La Liga has got the best soccer players and clubs. The two known top teams in this league are Real Madrid and Barcelona. However, some good teams have been competing with each other for years now. For example, Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla, Valencia, and Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have won fifty-nine out of eighty-eight seasons in the history of European Soccer Leagues. Barcelona had 26, while Real Madrid had 33. We can estimate the percentage of the season as 67%. 

3. Bundesliga

Bundesliga is the top German league and the best league in Europe. It also has similar functions as the premier league and La Liga. However, the difference comes up where it only contains eight clubs in opposition to 20 clubs available in English Premier League and La Liga.

Bayern Munich has been the most victorious club in league history. It covers both Spain and England, and it has won all seven seasons in the league. Borussia Dortmund (BVB) is the second most victorious club in the Bundesliga. Der Klassiker is usually the most sensitive game in German soccer. 

The superiority of Bayern is pleasing since it has satisfied worldwide fans in several seasons. The German have held the best results and improvements on the home ground talent. It has also contributed positively to the success of European Soccer Leagues.

4. Serie A

Serie A is an offering from Italy on the top best European Soccer Leagues. It was founded officially in 1898. It has the same layout as all other leagues that I have discussed above. The leading clubs in Serie A are; Juventus, A.C. Milan, and Internazionale (Inter). 

Even though Italy has recorded many outstanding names in soccer or football, Juventus is the leading team controlling Serie A some few years back. It has also won all the seasons as of 2011. Some of the players from this club are; Christiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain, and Paulo Dybala.

Therefore, Juventus is half of the most important teams in the Italian derby. They are always in conjunction with Milan in the Derby of the Championship. However, there are many small derbies available in Italian soccer, which makes Serie A enjoyable.

The wildest competitive games in Italian sports are Inter and Milan, Napoli and Roman, Genoa and Sampdoria, etc. 

5. League 1

League 1 is France’s European Soccer Leagues with thirty-eight games in every season. It has more points with a trophy in the league at the end of each season. The three lower teams in League 1 are downgraded to league 2. It is tricky to tell the total number of championships in the league that every team has won.

AS Saint-Etienne is the team which has more wins even though it hasn’t won since the season of 1980 to 1981. The second team is known to be Olympique de Marseille, which has nine wins, and however, they have not won since 2009 to 2010.

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is the third team with eight wins. It is the greatest and best team in League 1. It won six seasons in 2010. 

Champions League

Champions League now entails all the European Soccer Leagues that I have discussed above. The first four teams at the end of every year in Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A, with the leading three teams in League 1, are usually allowed for UEFA Champions League. Champions League is the most crucial competitive European Soccer club.

The tournament usually starts with thirty-two teams. The teams are separated into four groups. The rule is that the teams from the common nation cannot be in one group. The teams play in a two-round-robin system in the groups, and the two leading teams from every group have joined the following round.

Final words

The discussion above marks the best comprehensive guide on the European Soccer Leagues. It is essential for you, especially if you are a fan of soccer. After reading this article, you will have the perfect on the leagues, the players, and the clubs in each case. You will also get to know their wins in most seasons.


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