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A St Patrick’s Day-Themed Grocery Store Display Idea: Corned Beef and Cabbage

A St Patrick's Day-Themed Grocery Store Display Idea: Corned Beef and Cabbage

The most-consumed dish on St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally corned beef and cabbage. This post will guide you on creating a themed grocery store display that incorporates all the necessary ingredients and items your customers need to cook this iconic dish.

Creating a themed display for St. Patrick’s Day can significantly enhance the shopping experience, engaging your customers in the excitement of the season and making it easier for them to find everything they need to celebrate the holiday with a traditional meal. Here’s how to set up a display dedicated to corned beef and cabbage, that incorporates your grocery store display shelves:

Choose a Central Location in Your Store for the Display 

This could be near the entrance or another high-traffic area to catch customers’ eyes as soon as they enter. Ensure the space is large enough to accommodate all the ingredients for the dish, along with any additional decorative items.

Ingredient Grouping

Arrange all the ingredients needed for corned beef and cabbage together. This should include packages of corned beef, heads of cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and any spices typically used in the recipe, such as bay leaves, peppercorns, and mustard seeds, or popular sauces that naturally enhance the dish. Grouping these items together not only makes it convenient for shoppers but also encourages the purchase of all necessary ingredients.

Recipe Cards

Provide recipe cards next to the ingredients – branded, preferably. These permanent reminders of your store should include a list of all the items needed for the dish, along with step-by-step cooking instructions. Offering recipe cards not only aids those unfamiliar with cooking the dish but also serves as a reminder for those who might have forgotten an ingredient.

Thematic Decorations

Enhance the display with St. Patrick’s Day decorations, such as shamrocks, leprechauns, and a pot of gold at the end of a balloon arch made to look like a rainbow – drawing attention and creating a festive atmosphere. Consider using green, white, and orange decorations to mirror the Irish flag and complement the theme.

Tasting Station

If possible, set up a tasting station in between two or three square or Euro tables displaying fresh cabbage, carrots, potatoes, etc., maybe an orchard bin, where customers can sample a small portion of cooked corned beef and cabbage. Tasting opportunities entice customers to purchase the ingredients, so the recipe is key. Try a few attempts and ask for feedback if you can. Ensure that food safety regulations are followed when setting up and operating the tasting station.


Consider cross-promoting items that pair well with corned beef and cabbage, such as Irish soda bread, Irish lager and stout, and desserts like Irish apple cake. You can also use the opportunity to get creative and suggest proven fusion ideas, encouraging customers to make additional purchases that turn a meal into a feast.

Set Up a Small Area for Social Media Photos

Create a compact photo spot near the display by setting up a themed backdrop—think green, white, and orange fabrics or a banner with St. Patrick’s Day motifs like shamrocks or rainbows. Use a mobile stand or a small, clear area of the wall. Provide themed props, such as hats, wigs, glasses, or signs saying “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” Ensure the area is well-lit and marked with signage encouraging social media posts, including any relevant hashtags or store tags.

In Summary

By creating a dedicated display for corned beef and cabbage, you not only provide a festive shopping experience but also embrace the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, get customers excited, and encourage them to enjoy the experience of cooking up a memorable family event!

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  1. DynaTech Systems

    March 9, 2024

    Especially for someone like me who gets overwhelmed by all the options at the store. Having the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and maybe even carrots all together would be a huge time saver. Plus, it would definitely get me in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!

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