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Barcelos extended Hands to NGO kids


7th August 2016,Sunday – On the eve of Friendship Day, Barcelos extended its hands to the Kids of Samparn Home and welcomed them at its Hauz Khas Village outlet to celebrate their joy and happiness.

barcelos ngo kids          barcelos ngo kids masti

Barcelos invited the kids and helped them to cherish their mood. They took a step forward to enlighten the kids on the special day.The kids were so enthusiastic and energetic with big dreams in their eyes.

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Ambience at Barcelos

  • Has an amazing ambience with soft soothing music.
  • Totally surrounded with amazing paintings and decors.

barcelos from outside

  • Has lovely fragrance that will cheer up your mood.
  • Attractive atmosphere
  • Totally hygienic

It planned up various fun activities like tying up the friendship bands on each others hands. Interaction with the people around, talking about games, studies, life, aim, goals etc.

Also, the kids were provided with the snacks of their choice like the yummy Black and Red Burgers , which they has never imagined off, that they do exist.

They were provided with yummy delicious food which is of good quality and quanlity. The service was quite well. The food was amazing in taste. For the children the dishes were totally new. They were amazed to see the decoration, done on the dishes.

The children loved Garlic bread a lot served with three different sauces. They too loved the Peri Peri Paneer  Kebabs, French fries, Pasta, platters.

barcelos top foods   barcelos awesome food







Also, Barcelos arranged the special Dance of friendship by Anubhav Sharma (Founder at Stage Life India and ex Senior faculty SHAIMAK). Barcelos shared the happiness with the little ones by enjoying, and following the dance moves. Children were in pairs making moves on the song ” Kala Chashma”.

barcelos salaads

The kids enjoyed the session, cheering up, sharings greetings with each other.

barcelos crowd

VERDICT : Barcelos took an amazing step to bring Smile on the little  one’s faces. They believe that little affords can give someone immense pleasure. The little toddles had a great unforgettable day at barcelos. Do visit Barcelos and experience the pleasure of eating well cooked delicious food.








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