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Benefits of Custom Food Tray Boxes

Custom Boxes

“Premium custom food tray boxes” is how one could describe Custom Food Tray Boxes. They are simply elegant, durable, convenient, and very reliable for food products to keep them fresh and tasty. A custom food tray box is designed according to the specifications of the company and its client. They can be customized from the type of materials used to the style to suit any type of business. Quality is also an important factor in the designing and production process.

What is a Food Packaging Sleeve?

A Food Packaging Sleeve is a simple printed cardboard sleeve that slides over a food tray or container. Food Packaging Sleeves are open at the sides, so consumers can easily see and access the food package underneath. A Food Packaging Sleeve adds extra protection to the food and helps showcase the brand and product information.

If your business offers takeaways/home meals including frozen foods, pre-packed or even fresh foods in sealed containers you can use food packaging sleeves to ensure that the solution is to package your products in the most attractive and effective way possible. Food packaging sleeves are the perfect packaging option for retail food businesses that currently use standard plastic containers or containers for their products because they are:

Advantages of Food Sleeves to consider

When choosing how to wrap your food product, it’s important to understand some of the key benefits for comparison.

Packaging Company

“Premium custom boxes” is a leading packaging company, which enables companies to order quality boxes specifically for packaging food items, inventory, distribution, or storage. These boxes meet all requirements like aesthetics, utility, space management, durability, safety, and quality, and much more. Companies need proper and attractive packing because it not only ensures the safe storage of goods but also promotes the company’s brand name. They help increase sales of the company’s products.

Premium Custom Food Tray Boxes

A wide variety of products are packed into premium custom food tray boxes. You can choose from different shapes, sizes and materials depending on your preferences. It can be a simple cardboard box or one with a wooden frame. They are manufactured in various color schemes to match the interiors and the surroundings. The variety of options enables customers to select the one that best suits their taste and budget.

Food Tray Boxes

Food tray boxes are custom made to fit the exact dimensions of the food items they are meant to protect. You can get them in various sizes depending on the number of your orders. The company provides flexibility to the customers with respect to specific size requirements. You can request shrinkage. You can also request customized size boxes. This will enable you to pack your standard-sized foods neatly without any hassle.

Protecting your Food

Custom tray boxes are not just for protecting your food. They are highly customizable as well. You can request additional features. If you want to have a special shape or design on the box, you can do so. In fact, most of the custom-made boxes come with additional features such as snap-on lids, snap-off covers, corner holes, snap-down doors, vacuum sealing, and custom-printed ribbons.


There are some common factors that are shared by most of the custom food tray boxes. For instance, the material they are made of should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight. This will ensure that the product does not fall apart. Moreover, they should be water-resistant.


The custom-made boxes also vary type in size. The tray sizes range from small trays to extra-large trays. This makes it easy for you to pack your favorite foods. Moreover, these specially made boxes can be used for different purposes.

These custom food tray boxes are available in various colors and designs. You can choose the one that fits your taste and personality. You can also select from a variety of styles. So, you do not need to stick to the traditional foods and hence avoid buying new ones. Instead, you can give them a try and enjoy the taste of tasty food.

Home Look Elegant

With custom food tray boxes, you can make your home look elegant. You can use them as decorative accessories for your buffet. They are light and therefore, easy to carry. Furthermore, they are ideal for school lunches. Your classmates will be impressed by your creative and stylish kitchenware.


Customized food tray packaging is an economical option. In addition to saving money, you can also enhance the overall look of your food processing station. In case of hot or warm food, you can add some accessories such as thermometers. These thermometers can help you measure the temperature inside the box, thereby reducing wastage of energy and thus affecting the production process as well.


There are many advantages associated with the use of custom-made boxes. First of all, they are durable. They are manufactured using quality materials so they can stand the test of time. Secondly, they can prevent contamination of food items during shipping. It is important that when food items are transported from one place to another, they do not become contaminated and this is the reason why these boxes are made. Moreover, it also prevents cross-contamination of bacteria which could lead to health hazards.

Food Packaging

They are ideal for large-scale airfood recipe packaging because they are custom-shaped. Furthermore, they can meet the requirements of small-scale businesses as well. This is because they have the ability to maintain the temperature of the products and to ensure food safety. Thus, they are very important for any business that processes food.

Focus Print Group

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