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Dishis Designer Jewellery Presents New Trendy Collection Of Bracelets For Womens

Dishis Designer Jewellery

The collection witnesses an intense luxe essence of multi-colours & deep hues. Edgy cut diamonds with emerald bracelets, crystal clear diamonds studded on gold bracelets, most classic and sophisticated bracelets like Tennis bracelets and bangle bracelets are the best pieces for ravishing parties and gatherings. Dishis Designer JewelleryDishis Designer Jewellery

This glamorous assortment can be donned with every outfit with equal flair and is perfect to add glamour to your look for an opulent guise. All the pieces are available on Dishis designer jewellery website dishisjewels . Minimalistic and office wear jewellery designs are the centre of this collection.Dishis Designer Jewellery

Dishi Somani, Director of Dishis Designer Jewellery, said, “This collection is specially crafted to bring out the contemporary beauty of precious stones and designs. These can be flaunted for any party gathering, whether you are going for a cocktail or for a wedding. The collection absolutely goes hand to hand for all occasions. This upscale union of diamonds with coloured gemstones is uniquely exclusive to our designs.”Dishis Designer Jewellery

Dishis designer jewelry is an exclusive online designer store started by Designer, Dishi Somani of Delhi.Dishis Designer Jewellery

Started with a passion to ornate you up, Dishi, our designer conceptualises, designs and manufactures each piece of jewellery to blend with the latest global styles and trends and brings you one of the most chic and alluring jewellery collection to make you look simply gorgeous.Beyond the gold and diamond, we at Dishis designer online store, would like to tell you how our designer-Dishi creates these magical pieces for today’s dynamic woman. Each piece of embellishment created by Dishi has a story of its own. Her inspiration comes from nature and its wealth of innate beauty exploring which she is able to bring an elegance and timeless appeal to each of our exquisite creations.


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