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Experience the Thrill of Riding the Finest EV Scooter in India with Chetak

Experience the Thrill of Riding the Finest EV Scooter in India with Chetak

When we look at the automotive industry today, it is pretty visible that the transition to electric vehicles has become a defining feature of this sector. Between 2018 and 2022, the percentage of electric vehicles among newly registered vehicles surged from 0.5% to 5%

The Government of India has played a pivotal role in driving this shift – implementing initiatives such as the FAME I, FAME II, and State EV policies to propel the adoption of EVs across the nation.

With rising concerns about environmental sustainability and the need for cleaner, greener alternatives, manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge. Among them, Chetak stands out with its iconic comeback into the EV scooter market.

The Reimagined Legend

Chetak has been reborn in an avatar that aligns with the future—electric and eco-friendly. This EV scooter pays homage to its predecessor’s legacy while embodying the latest in electric mobility technology. Let’s delve into the reasons why this EV scooter is shaking things up in the Indian market.

  • Elegant Design, Strong Build

One of the first things that captivates riders about Chetak is its design. True to its heritage, this EV scooter maintains a timeless and elegant design that seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern functionality. 

It boasts thudproof and dentproof features, ensuring resilience against impacts and scratches. Its IP67-rated water-resistant design adds an extra layer of durability, making it a reliable and enduring choice for riders seeking a dependable and sturdy EV scooter.

  • Powerful Performance

The Chetak EV scooter is a powerhouse of performance. It delivers an energetic acceleration, making city commuting a breeze. With an impressive top speed of 63km/h and a certified range of 108 km, the Chetak ensures a thrilling riding experience, making it a perfect companion for urban commuting. 

  • Advanced Battery Technology

At the heart of the Chetak’s electric prowess lies its advanced lithium-ion battery pack with a 2.9 kWh capacity. This cutting-edge technology provides a substantial range on a single charge, making this EV scooter ideal for daily commuting without the anxiety of running out of power. 

The fast-charging feature adds to the convenience, allowing riders to charge up quickly during short breaks.

  • Intelligent Connectivity

The Chetak EV scooter also promises smart connectivity. The Chetak app, compatible with both Android and iOS, allows riders to stay connected with their scooters. With Bluetooth, tamper alert, geo-fencing, and OTA updates, the app enhances the overall ownership experience.

  • Eco-Friendly Commute

It is a choice for a cleaner and greener planet. With zero tailpipe emissions, this EV scooter contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and promotes sustainable mobility. 

  • Comfort and Convenience

Chetak EV scooter has paid meticulous attention to rider comfort and convenience. It features a comfortable seat, ergonomic design, and ample storage space under the seat. Whether it’s a short ride to the office or a leisurely weekend spin, the Chetak offers a comfortable and convenient riding experience.

PAN India Performance

The Chetak’s features cater to temperature variations and also contribute to environmental sustainability. Their zero-emission electric powertrain ensures that, regardless of the weather, riders can enjoy an eco-friendly commute, reducing carbon footprint across locations. Let us see how:

  • Delhi

Chetak’s robust construction and weather-resistant design make it suitable for Delhi’s diverse climate. The electric scooter price in Delhi starts at ₹1,63,433. From scorching summers to chilly winters, this EV scooter performs seamlessly, ensuring reliability throughout the year.

  • Bangalore

In Bangalore’s moderate climate, Chetak shines with its durability and adaptive performance. The EV scooter’s weatherproof features make it an ideal choice for the city, whether during the occasional rains or pleasant, dry days.

If you are looking for an electric scooter in Bangalore, Chetak is a dependable EV scooter to go for. You can get it at an economical price of ₹1,63,228 approximately. 

  • Chennai

Chetak’s resilience aligns perfectly with Chennai’s tropical climate. Starting at an ex-showroom electric scooter price in Chennai of ₹1,63,779, the scooter’s ability to withstand high temperatures and occasional rainfall ensures consistent performance throughout the year.

  • Kerala

When it comes to Kerala’s lush, green landscapes and frequent rainfall, Chetak delivers as promised. With water-resistant features, the scooter remains reliable, providing an uninterrupted and enjoyable riding experience in the region’s diverse weather conditions. The ex-showroom electric scooter price in Kerala starts from ₹ 1,64,299.

  • Mumbai

Navigating through Mumbai’s coastal climate is a breeze for Chetak. Its all-weather design ensures that riders in the bustling city can rely on consistent performance year-round. The electric scooter price in Mumbai starts from ₹ 1,62,456.

  • Hyderabad

Chetak’s adaptability to Hyderabad’s semi-arid climate showcases its versatility. The scooter’s weather-resistant features make it well-suited for the city, providing reliability and efficiency even during hotter months. This E scooter in Hyderabad can cost upto ₹1,63,007.

The Chetak Experience

As a rider, every journey becomes a statement—a statement of sustainability, style, and embracing the future. The thrill of gliding silently through the city streets, the satisfaction of contributing to a cleaner environment, and the joy of being at the forefront of technology—these are the elements that define the Chetak experience. 

As we navigate towards a future dominated by electric mobility, the Chetak stands tall. It is an invitation to the riders to be a part of the electric revolution and experience the thrill of riding the finest EV scooter in India.


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