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How Can a Foreigner Register New Business in Dubai, UAE?

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The spirit of possible and thoughtful predictions from its leaders is a sign of the economic growth that Dubai has achieved over the past few decades.


And what was once a quiet city is fast becoming a major destination for leisure and business tourism and is now a record-breaking and innovative city – a crossroads of possibilities. And what was once a quiet town is fast becoming a major destination for leisure and business tourism and is now a record-breaking and innovative city – a crossroads of possibilities.

Every year, foreign companies such as Indian companies are attracted to do business in the United Arab Emirates. It is a huge market and an excellent Middle Eastern product. Register a company with the government.

How Can a Foreigner Register New Business in Dubai, UAE?


The best part about business setup in uae is that overseas investors have 100% control over their own business. You always need to make sure they have their national service agency. 


This agency must be based in a designated UAE, acting as its liaison. Registration is incomplete without a local agent. Many foreign companies are from India. To learn the process of registering a business in Dubai, follow the steps discussed.


Step 1

Have an Extensive Business Plan

It is not easy to make a decision when you have decided to start a business overseas.


Such a plan contains all the details of your company, about which various questions have been answered. Before writing a business plan, you should do thorough research or choose a company. Also, identify business opportunities, opportunities for success, type of business, etc.


Step 2

Aid For Business

Of course, by the time you decide to start a business in Dubai, you have already met the people who will help you start your business. The best way to go further is to hire a company that provides help with starting a business.


You can search online for many companies that have great experience in providing start-up services. They help in many ways by filling out your Visa, organizing resources for your company, obtaining documents, working with the authorities, obtaining various permits and licenses, etc.


Don’t risk doing things yourself as it can take time, and you might face problems.


Step 3

Select the Type of Business

The United Arab Emirates has a free zone store specially designed for businesses and offers a variety of benefits. If you want to start this type of business, there are two types: Freezone and Mainland business.


Step 4

Decide The Trade Name

You need to select a trading name for your company and check it on the list of restricted and used trade names. Don’t use the words of United Arab Emirates and Dubai in your trade name, and there are various other restrictions on your choice of trade name, which you can check with the Free Zone Authority.


Step 5

Obtain the Trade License By Submitting Documents

The next important step is to submit an application to DEd for initial approval. Also, submit the following documents along with your application to get the licenses.


  • board Resolution
  • Power of Attorney
  • MOA and AOA
  • Guarantee from the bank in favor of minister of economy and planning.
  • Service Agent’ agreement with a UAE national
  • Certificate of Incorporation


Step 6

Apply for Visa

After you get the approval from DED and your trade license issues, apply for Visa. 


Step 7 

Open Corporate Bank Account

After completing the documents work, the next step is to apply for a corporate bank account. Once your business bank account opens, you are all set to start a business in UAE. 


Step 8

Incorporation of Business

The final step in registering a foreign company in Dubai is with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The government issues foreigners with registration certificates. It is proof that the foreign company is registered. And operations can officially start in Dubai without further ado.



Dubai has become a global hub for financial services, logistics, tourism, hospitality, retail, and other healthcare, technology, and renewable energy sectors continue to thrive. The city has an international reputation as a lively, safe, and healthy travel destination with modern facilities, first-class infrastructure, and many incredible sights and experiences that you cannot compare to any other city in the world. As Dubai has grown to become a global hub of knowledge, the city has cemented its position as the world’s leading business event destination.



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    Thanks for sharing the informative post about how a foreigner can dubai-company-formation.The post explains the processes step by step, which I found helpful.

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