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How to Choose a Pendant to Match Your Chain

Do you have a beautiful chain you love, but you want to change things up a little? If you wear the same chain every day, you can eventually get bored or uninspired by your jewelry. This is normal if you are wearing a piece often. But, know that you do not have to rush out and purchase another necklace. There are things you can do to get creative and keep your favorite chain. For example, you can add a new pendant. This might bring some life back to your chain again.

Thankfully, there are many different pendants and necklaces out there to choose from. Here are some tips on how to choose a pendant to match your chain.

Consider the Style

A good starting point is taking a closer look at your chain. In particular, what style of chain do you have? For example, if you have a chunky chain, you might benefit from having a larger pendant. This way, it is going to stand out. You might also want it to have a similar style so they look like they match. Alternatively, if you have a thin and elegant chain, you will want the pendant to have the same design. Otherwise, it will look like it does not belong.

So, start by really considering the chain you have. This way, you can narrow down your options when it comes to pendants. Always go for something that is going to complement the chain in some way.

Match the Material

Another consideration you have to make is the material of the chain. For example, if you have a gold chain, you are going to watch to match that with a gold pendant. Otherwise, this blend of different materials can look silly. Indeed, it can look like you have bought any old pendant and thrown it onto the chain without thinking.

For example, if you have a man’s gold chain, you might want to select a large pendant to stand out. You can check out the men’s gold cross pendant from Queen of Hearts. This is a popular design, as well as there being other unique styles you can choose from. There is something that everyone will love to wear.

Think About the Length

Something else you should think about is the length of the chain. For example, if you have a long chain, you want to ensure that the pendant is going to compliment this. Indeed, it is better to also choose a large pendant. This way, it is not going to get lost on the chain. Alternatively, if you have a short chain, it is better to select a shorter pendant.

Again, the most important thing when choosing a pendant is that it looks like it matches the chain. Yes, it will need to be physically capable of fitting onto the chain. But, it should also be the right size in comparison to the length of the chain.

Express Yourself

Do not forget that wearing a pendant on your chain is a way to express yourself. You can show off your personality and what you are like. For example, you might select something that features your birthstone or even your favorite color. Alternatively, the pendant does not have to have a personal meaning. Perhaps it is just something symbolic that you think is cool.

Either way, know how you want to express yourself. Think about how you are going to feel when you are wearing this jewelry. This can also help you understand designs more and whether they are going to match your outfit. One thing’s for sure; there are plenty of options for you out there on the internet. So, you can shop around and find a pendant you love. What’s more, since they are going to be removable, you can select a few that you like and you can switch them around depending on your outfit.



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