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India’s first experiential festival Creators United for creators set to honor the best digital voices in India with a power-packed awards ceremony

India’s first experiential festival Creators United for creators set to honor the best digital voices in India with a power-packed awards ceremony

India’s leading digital entertainment & lifestyle content platform Pinkvilla and Mad Influence, one of the country’s largest influencer agencies, recently announced the launch of ‘Creators United’. Creators United is India’s first and biggest experiential festival for the country’s most loved content creators. One of the biggest highlights of the two-day highly exclusive event, which will bring the best of the best creators, influencers, brands, publishers, and social media platforms in the country together in the ultimate dream destination Goa on the 15th and 16th of January 2023, is the coveted Creators United awards ceremony.

The Creators United 2023 awards, set to take place on 16th January 2023 will celebrate the brightest content creation superstars changing India’s digital landscape. Felicitating the biggest impact drivers and powerful digital voices and recognizing exceptional content across 15+ categories, the awards cover the most diverse genres such as finance, travel, comedy, fashion, tech, gaming, food, and much more.

If you’re a social media conversation leader and an impactful digital voice in your niche, you can nominator yourself now for the biggest creator award –

Specially curated by Pinkvilla to pack a big punch, the glamorous awards are slated to be a highly exclusive extravaganza. Featuring a sizzling red carpet, thunderous performances from some of the biggest artists, the most entertaining acts from the night’s energetic presenters, and much more, the awards night is set to be a celebration like no other! With the selection process slated to be 50% jury evaluation and 50% public voting led, the jury is being helmed by some of the biggest industry leaders and celebrated public figures.

The awards are an extension of the property’s long term-vision to define how content creators can engage audiences in a meaningful and growth-oriented way as the swiftly expanding creators’ economy continues to shape the new digital era. Other unique and exclusive activities at the event, that promise to enable the most compelling live experiences for creators include networking sundowners, special content zones, music, wellness and mindfulness activities, brand collaboration initiatives, and much more.

Nandini Shenoy, CEO & Founder of Pinkvilla stated, “We are at the cusp of transition into a world that is increasingly shaped by the ever-growing digital voices driving everything, right from content consumption, to information exchange to e-commerce. As leaders in the digital content space, we aim to foster these conversations further, by empowering the digital conversation leaders of today and enabling them further to positively impact billions of lives through their content.”

Mukul Kumar Sharma, COO at Pinkvilla added, “As pioneers for over 15 years, we are continually looking to elevate the ever-transforming digital landscape to provide content experiences like no other. Recognizing the several brilliant minds committed to the same goal as we jointly forge ahead to navigate the dynamic new social-media era, the awards aim to honor the unparalleled content and immense innovation showcased by the virtual role models of today and tomorrow.”

Gautam Madhavan, CEO of Mad Influence added, “The influencer economy is swiftly booming to add great value to businesses, brands, and the digital eco-system as a whole. As we collectively grow into a future that will be led by the power of influencer content, it is important for us to come together as an industry and create opportunities that foster qualitative and quantitative growth for emerging talents in the space. The Creators United awards have been envisioned to do the same, as we celebrate the best of creator content, and push for diversity and innovation to transition into the next leg of digital domination for individuals and brands alike.”

About Creators United
Creators United is the first-of-its-kind creators’ confluence in India and is a joint venture between leading digital entertainment & lifestyle platform Pinkvilla and one of the country’s largest influencer agencies Mad Influence. The maiden edition of the event, to be held in Goa in January 2023, is slated to be a two-day exclusive congregation that brings the country’s best content creators, brands, publishers, and social media platforms under one roof.

The property aims to positively influence those who influence billions and celebrates content in all its forms, with the theme, ‘It starts with you’. It will also honor the creators of today through an awards ceremony, recognizing the diverse and influential voices in India.

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