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Khao Luang National Park, Southern Thailand’s Natural Treasure

National Park


Nakhon Si Thammarat is a province in southern Thailand lying 780 kilometres south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand. The province boasts two national park, the coastline features long sweeping strands of pristine sandy beaches while the mountainous interior features lush jungles full of verdant vegetation, spectacular waterfalls, and loads of fascinating wildlife. If you want to experience the natural wild side of Thailand, this is the perfect place to do it!

While the province does greatly appeal to the adventurous kind of tourist, there is no shortage of luxury to be found here! For a surprisingly modest price, one can rent a luxury villa in Nakhon Sri Thammarat with private pool, and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous without being either! Once you have had your fill of the poolside life, put on your hiking boots, because the province’s great natural beauty is not to be missed! With so much to see there isn’t time to go over it all on one page, so let’s focus on just one of the province’s outstanding attractions today, Khao Luang National Park.

Mount Khao Luang

Mount Khao Luang is the tallest peak in southern Thailand’s mountains at 1,780 meters high. The national park is named for the mountain, and it’s a nature lover’s paradise full of awesome limestone cliffs, mysterious caves, and stunning waterfalls! We should note that while some areas of the park easily accessible for casual walks, much of it is quite rugged and only prepared hikers should attempt the more remote trails. Among its many beautiful claims to fame are the over 300 species of orchids living there, some of which can only be found within the park! 

There are also hundreds of rare birds on hand, making it a birdwatcher’s wonderland. Here are some of the many species one can see in the park:

  • Large frogmouth 
  • Chersonese barbet
  • Malayan laughing thrushes
  • Rufous-chested flycatchers
  • Malaysian crested firebacks
  • Cinnamon-rumped trogons
  • Malaysian honeyguides
  • Giant pittas
  • Red-naped trogons
  • Green-tailed sunbirds
  • Olive-backed woodpeckers
  • Rail-babblers
  • Ferruginous partridges
  • Jambu fruit doves
  • Helmeted hornbills
  • Greater green leafbirds


We told you there are a lot of birds! Once you have seen enough of our feathered friends, there is plenty of other amazing wildlife to be glimpsed, and if you are lucky, viewed up close so you can snap that National Geographic quality photo you have been just waiting to catch! While tigers have been sighted in the park in recent years, their current status is unknown, but one must still remain vigilant so as not to incur the ire of these fabulous beasts. Even if you don’t find a tiger, there are plenty of other exotic mammals in residence to feast your eyes, and your camera lens on:

  • Leopards (it’s almost a tiger, but with spots!)
  • Clouded leopards
  • Malayan tapirs
  • Sumatran serows 
  • Malayan weasels 
  • Robinson’s banded langurs
  • Binturongs 
  • Red giant flying squirrels 
  • Asiatic brush-tailed porcupines 

These are the things that adventures are made of! Check the official Amazing Thailand for more info on the rest of this incredible province! The natural beauty of Nakhon Si Thammarat awaits, don’t forget your camera!

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