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Why and How Does Emoji Marketing Work?

Emojis are an integral part of communication and are consistently growing. These statistics say a lot –

  • Daily 10 billion emojis are sent
  • Even the elderly over 70 years use emojis.
  • 92% of internet users use emojis.

Text words are significant, but even picture words can be used to communicate with target audiences. Appropriate emojis can offer a human face to your brand, which builds loyalty and credibility among target consumers.

Marketers connect emotionally with their audiences, so including emojis can add whimsy and touch to the brand message. It adds nuance and context to the sentence, which otherwise would look arid and interpreted in some different way.

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Emoji vs. emoticons

Emoticons are created using specific keyboard characters to form a face, while emojis are tiny images that depict different objects, faces, and activities. Every year new emojis are added to Smartphones.

Benefits of emoji marketing 

It humanizes your brand

Incorporating emojis in a brand message adds extra reliability and personality level to your company. Speak your customer’s language via emojis used daily in social posts, chats, and messaging. On LinkedIn, a professional platform emoji use can make your brand stand out among the ocean of text posts. Instead of communicating with emojis create headlines for the post using emojis.

Ensure to identify your target audience before you start emoji marketing. Inappropriate or overuse of emojis can put the audience off, so do your research.

It grabs attention

Emojis are used in daily life to communicate with friends and family. They are engaging and fun. So, emoji marketing can give a huge engagement boost. Something about emojis grabs viewers’ attention and now several social channels support emoji searches.

Marketers can tap themed conversations just like hashtags. According to a survey, push notifications integrating emojis get approximately 85% more opens as well as 9% more conversions. So, add the right emoji to boost engagement and better conversions.

It adds context 

Emojis in marketing text add extra context. Just like how an exclamation point changes message toning, an emoji conveys emotions that are impossible with texts. A good marketing copy and appropriate emojis can add meaning and depth to the words.

Twitter allows a limited character count. So, without using more words, adding emojis allows for adding extra emotion and context to the brand message. Ensure to double-check the emojis and compose clear tweets.

How does emojis marketing work?

On social media

Social media and emojis perfectly complement one another. Social media interaction with friends is spiced using emojis daily, brands can do the same. Add emojis purposefully and focused on engagement.

Emoji use can encourage engagement, so ask followers to agree or disagree with an open question using emojis. Allow them to get creative and use emojis. Instagram and Facebook offer emoji keyboards, so it works exceptionally well.

In email marketing

Emojis included in email marketing have reported engagement increases as well as open rates. Never depend to convey a brand message with emojis but use it to highlight a specific point.

Use emoji marketing only if it aligns with your brand tone!


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