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Why Investing in Home Maintenance Is Worth It Especially During Spring?

Why Investing in Home Maintenance Is Worth It Especially During Spring?

Whether you’re trying to sell your home in a market like Tampa, Florida, or want to see your home stay in top shape for years to come as you live in it, Spring is a make-it-or-break-it time for home maintenance. While most people will consider a few home maintenance tasks every season, if you have to pick one time to put a lot of attention to, this is the time! Here are some reasons and what you can do to set your home up for a long life.

Catch Winter’s Impacts Early

Winter’s freeze and thaw can sometimes damage parts of your home, like the roof, the gutters, the soffits, and the siding. Early Spring is a great time to thoroughly evaluate the exterior of your house and the attic or basement, wherever damage could have happened due to temperature changes. Smaller projects like replacing weather-stripping damaged during the Winter or evaluating whether your windows need to be caulked can also help keep your home insulated against heat and cold. 

Avoid Water Intrusion

As Spring gets rolling, many temperate zones experience a lot of rain. One of the most important considerations before big rains is whether there are any places where water can intrude into the structure of your home, causing mold, mildew, or rot. As you evaluate for cracks and damage due to Winter, also do your best to assess whether or not any water spots have appeared on ceilings or if your basement has any water getting in. Testing for the humidity in your home frequently can also help you evaluate if a change has occurred and pinpoint it before water sits and causes damage for months on end.

Prep HVAC Systems for the Transition to Summer

If you need to set a particular time to service a furnace and central AC unit, it’s easy to go years without checking on it. It’s best to think of a time of year and plan to get these units checked, and Spring is often perfect: mild weather means that if you need to get some repairs done, it won’t be wildly hot or cold while those systems are offline. The furnace needs to be ready to go for when Fall turns to Winter later in the year, and knowing your AC unit is in great shape helps you prepare for the sudden arrival of Summer. While servicing with an apparent problem may be different from what you are used to, it can save serious money, extending the life of your systems by helping you catch problems when they are small instead of when they’ve already caused significant damage. You’ll add years to the life of your HVAC systems this way.

Put In the Maintenance on the Landscaping Now To Benefit For Months

Before weeds take hold, it’s good to proactively make choices about making your yard look good and route drainage properly away from the house, helping to avoid those water intrusion problems we already discussed. A significant push in the Spring to add mulch, plant, and trim around your yard can make it easier to keep the yard tame and looking great the rest of the summer. You’ll be glad you put in the work to make the space look good before weeds take over and require multiple hours of intense upkeep to get back under control. 

Your particular checklist for Spring will be personalized to your home, but Spring is a good time to make notes of and take action on various tasks. Experience the renewal of Spring by prioritizing getting your house into shipshape, whether you’re working on selling the home or want it to be its best.


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