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Winter in Mahmutlar: how to buy property in Turkey when it’s cold outside

Winter in Mahmutlar: how to buy property in Turkey when it’s cold outside

One of the reasons that drive investors towards real estate in Turkey is the climate. Buying property in Mahmutlar, Izmir, Istanbul, or any other area of the country is possible all year round, but let’s have a look at some pros of making your purchase in the winter season.

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When is the best time to buy an apartment in Turkey? Realtors and seasoned investors know that the fall and winter seasons are great for home viewings and deals. In warm, sunny weather, most properties look attractive. But viewing the apartment on a cloudy cool day will allow you to evaluate not only the pros, but also recognize the cons.

Own cozy home on the seashore is a significant acquisition and an important stage in the life of every person! However, we recommend putting aside romance and focusing only on facts and common sense while choosing the right apartment. This will help you draw the right conclusions and choose the best property in Turkey in terms of cost and characteristics.

When choosing real estate in a Turkish resort during the cool season, you will have the opportunity to evaluate several important parameters that most buyers do not pay attention to in the summer. Namely:

  • The quality of the waterproofing of the building. It is no secret that the winter in Turkish cities located on the coast is wet and damp. The walls of the first floors of residential buildings with poorly executed waterproofing will be covered with mold. During prolonged rains, water sometimes seeps into the house. Late autumn and winter are a good time to assess the quality of building protection from high humidity and precipitation.
  • The level of heat in the apartment. Winter in the resorts of Turkey does not last long, and therefore most houses are heated with air conditioners. Some apartments have under floor heating or electric convectors. At low ambient temperatures, it is much easier to check the serviceability and efficiency of heating equipment, as well as the quality of double-glazed windows, than in summer. Since, immediately getting into the apartment, it will become clear to you how comfortable it will be to live through winter in it.
  • Service quality. Most residential complexes in Turkey have internal infrastructure. The set of infrastructure – minimal or extensive – depends on the level of the residential complex. Public facilities and the adjacent territory are serviced by a service company. And if during the beach season the quality of service, as a rule, is at its best, in winter, timely cleaning, cleaning cesspool, repairing equipment, certain issues may arise. So, this period is a good opportunity to assess the real state of affairs and how efficiently the service company works.

As you can see, the purchase of housing in Turkey in different seasons has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, be guided by the purpose of the purchase and those characteristics that are key to you.

Winter in Turkey

  1. Low housing prices. From the second half of October, the low season begins in Turkey – real estate rental prices are falling, you can rent beautiful apartments inexpensively in the historical center or within walking distance from the sea.
  2. Lack of tourist fuss. By the end of autumn, tourist activity here decreases, but does not completely stop. You have the opportunity to visit excursions, explore popular attractions, go shopping in a calm environment, without queues and crowds.
  3. An abundance of cheap and high-quality vegetables and fruits – bananas, pomegranates, apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, avocados, tomatoes, persimmons.
  4. An opportunity to celebrate the New Year at a ski resort.
  5. Short flight and well-established air service.

Choosing accommodation

Turkey is a hospitable country, ready to receive guests at any time of the year. The real estate market is well developed here, so you can easily find housing for every taste and budget: a studio apartment, a house, a villa, a penthouse in an elite residential complex. When purchasing a villa or a separate house, you have the right to use not only the premises, but also the surrounding area, when buying an apartment in a residential complex – the infrastructure of the entire residential complex.

Many are frightened by the fact that almost the entire country lacks central heating. Do not worry, apartments are equipped with air conditioners. They will come in handy on cold days, which are not so many here.

Recommendations for choosing housing:

  • Choose apartments on the middle and high floors. The lower the apartment is, the cooler it is.
  • Give preference to apartments located on the sunny side.
  • Keep in mind that the more modern and equipped the LCD, the higher the utility bills and additional costs.
  • To search for housing, use the help of professional realtors. This way, you will find a suitable option faster, and a properly executed contract will protect you from a sudden increase in rent or other illegal actions on the part of the owner.

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