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4 Creative Ideas for Your Old Film Reels

4 Creative Ideas for Your Old Film Reels

Looking to bring a sense of nostalgia into your home without breaking the bank? Start with those old film reels collecting dust in drawers and closets! 

Give these time-honored pieces new life by exploring four creative projects that will turn them from outdated artifacts of days gone by into beautiful mementos you can proudly show off. Whether it’s fashioning a lamp shade or making jewelry out of scraps, let these ideas inspire you to create something unique with your beloved memories captured on film.

#1. Bookmarks or as Part of a Scrapbook

Instead of keeping your old film reels stowed away, why not repurpose them into something special? Transform reels from the past into one-of-a-kind bookmarks for a truly unique addition to any reading routine. 

Cut pieces off the reel and attach it to cardstock or laminated paper with decorations like stickers and ribbon – what better way to add some nostalgia! 

If you’re a scrapbooker, incorporate strips of film directly onto pages as an extra vintage element – secure smaller pieces with adhesive or create pockets for longer ones. Either way, give new life to these classic memories by making them part of our modern lives!

#2. DIY Art Projects

There are countless ways to turn your old film reels into unique and eye-catching DIY art projects. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to showcase your film reels is to hang them on the wall as a statement piece. You could mount them in a cluster, create a collage with other vintage items, or even paint or decorate the reels to give them a more personalized touch.


Film reels can also be used to create whimsical and unique mobiles. Simply attach the reels to a string or wire and hang them from a ceiling or other high point in your home. You could even combine them with other vintage items like old postcards or photographs to create a one-of-a-kind display.

Picture Frames

Another great way to display your film reels is to use them as part of a picture frame. Simply mount the reel onto a larger piece of cardboard or matting, then add your favorite photo or artwork to the center of the frame. This is a great way to showcase your vintage film reels while creating a personalized wall art piece.


For those who are feeling particularly creative, film reels can be used to create all sorts of unique sculptures and other three-dimensional artworks. The possibilities are endless, from abstract geometric shapes to more representational pieces like animals or people.

No matter which DIY art project you choose, experiment with different materials, colors, and textures to create a truly unique and personalized piece.

#3. Creating Lamp Shades

Old film reels can also make for unique lampshades. You can either use a pre-made lampshade and attach the film strips to the outside or create your own lampshade from scratch using the film reels as the primary material. 

You can use different sections of the film to create patterns and designs on the shade, making for a truly unique and personalized lamp.

#4. Wine Rack

Another creative idea for your old film reels is to turn them into a wine rack. This project requires more work and materials, but the end result is worth it. You’ll need to disassemble the film reels and create a base to hold the bottles of wine. 

Once you have the base, you can attach the film reels to the sides to create the wine holder. Not only is this a great way to repurpose old film reels, but it’s also a conversation starter for your next dinner party.

#5. Transfer them to Digital Formats

Protect your cherished memories with the gift of digital preservation! 

Convert those decades-old film reels to a modern, easily accessible format and ensure their story can be shared for generations. Share more than just nostalgia – share joy as you no longer need clunky equipment or outdated technology to access these remarkable moments from the past.

Digital film conversion can be done DIY, but if you want the process to go smoothly and not have to do the work yourself, hire a professional service like Capture to handle the transfer process.

Although Costco has been a popular destination for digital conversions in the past, its recent decision to shut down its photo center has left many searching for Costco film transfer alternatives

Capture is held in high regard because of its commitment to providing high-quality digital conversion for various types of media, including film, videotapes and photos. Capture’s professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that the digital versions of their clients’ media are of the highest quality possible.


Preserve your precious memories and never let them fade away! Old film reels are packed with sentimental value, so don’t leave them gathering dust in the attic. 

Transform those fleeting moments into timeless treasures by turning them into something new – like bookmarks, art projects or wine racks. If you’re looking for a professional way to turn physical films into digital formats, then why not consider giving Capture a go? Bring life back to old films; make sure they stay alive forevermore!


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