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5 Tips To Help Your Child Study For The O-Level Chemistry Exam

Chemistry is one of the subjects that students have mixed opinions on. Some really like it, while some have a hard time learning it. Irrespective of the fact that your child likes Chemistry or not, they have to perform well in the O-level chemistry exam.

If your child is falling behind in the o-level Chemistry preparations, it is possible to catch up in a few months, if the right study approach is followed. You can hire an online or home tutor in Singapore and help your child perform well in the o-level Chemistry exam.

In addition, you can use the tried and tested approaches that will ensure quality learning for the child for the coming Chemistry exams. We have listed and explained them below. Let’s have a look.

5 Tips To Help Your Child Perform Well in O Level Chemistry Exam

Learn The Basic Concepts Effectively

Learning the basics is the initial baby step when it comes to performing well in any subject. The same is true for o-level Chemistry. Most children do the mistake of skipping the basic concepts and directly jumping to the advanced ones.

The right approach is to study the subject “topic-by-topic” in an ordered manner. It means before moving to the next chapter, your child should learn all the topics related to the current lesson in detail. This is an ideal study approach as most of the topics in o-level Chemistry are interrelated.

So, if your child doesn’t proceed with systematically learning the topics, there is a high chance that problems will occur in learning. An ideal way is to master the topics from Secondary 3 because they come in use in learning almost every chapter. So, you should ensure that your child has a stronghold on acid & base, chemical bonding, and other important topics from Secondary 3.

Use The Right Keywords While Writing Answers

Even if your child is paying undivided attention in Chemistry classes and understands the details behind the concepts, their answer writing ultimately decides their scores. And, that can be made better by using the right keywords and phrases in the answers.

For example, a common mistake that most children make is writing “Electricity conduction in graphite occurs because it has mobile ions“. However, the right keyword that will come in place of “ions” is “electrons”. Such a mistake occurs when the child doesn’t study graphite’s properties in detail.

Unless and until, the answers written by your child are not specific and complete, getting good scores in exams is very difficult. In short, your child should have the concepts clear and use the right keywords, while writing answers in the exams for the best results.

Practice With Previous Year’s Papers

Practicing the previous year’s exam papers is the most important tip for performing well in the o-level Chemistry exam. Therefore, you should buy a good book for your child that consists of a collection of the previous year’s Chemistry papers.

Preparing for the exam and studying it for gathering knowledge are two completely different things. In exams, the students are awarded marks for the answers that they write, not for how vast their knowledge is. So, your child can perform well, if he/she has a good hold on the topics that are important from the exam perspective.

The easiest way of knowing about the important topics for exams is by practicing the previous year’s papers. When children notice that a particular topic is repeatedly asked in exams over the past few years, they pay more attention to it. Plus, they become familiar with the language of the questions and the format in which they are asked.

As your child becomes familiar with the exam pattern and important topics, it becomes easy to get high scores in the o-level Chemistry exams. In addition, the children become familiar with the examination hall environment as they attempt mock tests. It improves their confidence and benefits their learning.

Master the Exam Preparation Strategies

Your child needs to master all the key concepts regarding the vital topics. They can do this by scheduling the self-tests. It will help them learn the tactics, enhance their revision skills, and track their learning. Once they are done mastering the strategies, they can focus on managing their time during the examination.

They will be better able to attempt the entire paper within the set timeline. Furthermore, they can give increased time to any complex question during the exam. Besides, when the child will get the home assignment, doing them consistently will help them discover the struggles. They can pen them down and ask the teacher the next day. The more clarity of how to solve those problems will be given. Thus, reducing their frustration and helping them master those topics.

Make Sure Your Child Clarify Their Doubts

Having clear concepts about the syllabus and each topic is essential to test f the child has an understanding of the subject or not. This can be made possible if they clarify their doubts, identify the mistakes, and make corrections accordingly.

Many children keep doubts developing and these are the only reasons why most of them remain behind the competition, failing to perform well. To score well in ‘O’ level examinations, motivate your child to come up with their queries, ask the teachers to help them, and feel confident about preparations.

In case your child feels embarrassed in asking questions, make them talk to any friend or dear one they think can guide them on Chemistry. It could be anyone like a sibling, friend, tutor, etc.

Additional FAQs About How to Help Your Child Prepare for O-Level Chemistry Exam

Can Memorising Answers to Specific Queries Help My Child Perform Well in Chemistry Exams?

Chemistry is a practical subject that needs understanding the concepts and revising the topics again and again. No students can score well in the O-Level Chemistry examination by memorizing the answers only.

Does Employing Home Tutoring Services Can Help My Child Improve Grades in O-Level Chemistry Exam?

The specialized home tutors help provide students the right guidance on important questions to work on. They help them think, let them ask questions and practice the questions to understand the answers themselves, However, ensure you choose a reputable tutoring service provider who understands the importance of time and help your child manage the same for the O-Level Chemistry examination.

Can My Child Perform Well in O-Level Exam If He/She Can Answer The Questions From Previous Years’ Papers?

Your child with a core understanding of fundamentals and mindset on the day of the examination will say about their performance. They must work on time management and enhancing thinking putting themselves under the examination circumstances. Solving the prelim papers or previous year questionnaires can help them practice high-level questions.


Chemistry is not an easy subject and understanding the core concepts requires dedication and the right guidance. But if your child is focused and sets the study schedule with early preparations, performance will improve. The best is you can hire qualified home tutoring services for them. They will assist them on every step of Chemistry examination preparation and make a difference in their performance in the ‘O’ level examination. Hope all this information helps you!

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