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7 Simple Ways to Adorn your House with Fresh Flowers

7 Simple Ways to Adorn your House with Fresh Flowers

Your home is your sacred place. It is a space that soothes you and caresses you with its comfort. It has the power to wane all your worries and put a relaxing grin on your face. With all the power your house possesses, it makes sense that people go the extra mile decorating their homes. From large modern art to rustic furniture, people turn into their creative selves to transform their houses into a space they can proudly call their own. While the overall design of the house always takes priority in your home decorating journey, the little trinkets in your house are what add some life to it. After all, at the end of the day, what you come back to in your home is that wall filled with memorable pictures, that little planter on your desk and that lamp on your bedside. This is where fresh flowers from flower shops come into the picture with their rejuvenating presence and therapeutic qualities. Adding flowers to your house is the way to go to add some elegance to it without spending a bomb on other decor items. Nothing comes close to fresh flowers in terms of amping your house interiors at such a reasonable cost, along with added benefits like a happy mood and gorgeous hues. Flowers become a focal point in your house and a topic of discussion for your loved ones as they marvel at the beauty of the flowers that embellish your space. They even come in all shapes, sizes and colours to perfectly suit your taste in design. So, it won’t be an overstatement to say that flowers can brighten a dull space to become lively and happening. Before we move on to the creative ideas in which you can lay flowers around in your home, let’s look at some of the understated pros of having them in your house. 

  1. Fresh flowers add a much-needed pop of colour to a space, especially for people who like the overall design of their home to be minimal and muted. 
  2. Flowers bring the goodness of nature to your home, all packed in a small-sized assortment. 
  3. Flowers liven your mood and boost your energy with their aroma and bright hues. 
  4. Flowers allow you the satisfaction of taking your sweet little time to care for them and arranging them at your pace. 

These reasons must be enough for you to go running to your nearest florist in Bangalore or order a fresh bouquet online. So, to make home decor easy and a no-brainer for you, here is a list of ways to use flowers around your house.    

Flowers as a centrepiece in your living room

Nothing quite catches one’s eye more than a carefully arranged bouquet, with dewy petals bursting with joy, placed in the dead centre of your coffee table in the living room. After all, flowers hold the power to captivate someone with their beauty. Putting vibrantly coloured flowers in a unique vase in the living room can create a statement in your house. This option even leaves you the space to express your creative desire and mood depending on the flowers you choose on a specific day. 

Flowers seated in your kitchen

Many of us spend a significant chunk of our time in the kitchen cooking delicacies to satiate our stomachs. So, why not keep a flower arrangement around while cooking to soothe our eyes? This will refresh your tired body and instantly put you in a good mood whenever you catch a glimpse of that vase lying at the far end of your counter. 

Embellish your balcony

What if you could enjoy your morning cup of tea or coffee surrounded by the earthiness and vibrance of the flowers placed on your balcony? Imagine the burst of serotonin that your balcony will give you with fresh flowers sitting in its lap, especially when you are gearing up for the busy day ahead. You can go crazy with how you want to showcase flowers in your balcony, as there are unlimited options of containers available in the market, be it hanging planters or ceramic pots. 

Shelf them up

Flowers look good in a pot on the floor, but they look stunning seated on a shelf on the wall. Depending on your preference, you can buy a small or a large shelf and fill it up with different flowers to create an accent wall in your home. This statement piece will be an absolute head-turner whenever your guests or loved ones come around. However, you must maintain your flowers in the best condition to get the desired result from this innovative decor choice.  


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