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Have You Ever Ordered These Stunning Cakes Online?

Have You Ever Ordered These Stunning Cakes Online?

Occasions are special, but it becomes bliss when a cake is added to it. Cakes are people’s first choice whenever they have to celebrate some special occasions. Cakes have a special ability to create an enjoyable atmosphere which is why whenever people see a cake, they always think of celebration.

Cake cutting ceremony is a very old tradition that you commonly see in many events, whether it is a birthday celebration or a wedding ceremony. Because of the huge demand for cakes, bakers are leaving no stone unturned for delivering lip-smacking cake flavors to the people at the door. Apart from flavors like vanilla, butterscotch, pineapple, and chocolate, bakers are used to designing a variety of cakes that can make your mouth water. So buy cake online from reliable bakers to get access to the very best desserts!

There are multifold sweet dishes available in the market, but cakes make a special place in every heart. Every cake lover has the desire to taste and know about the trending and luscious flavors of cake. Have you ever tried or ordered the trending and stunning flavors of cake to make the moments special?

We have mentioned the best cakes in exotic flavors. Read this writing before ordering your favorite flavored cake online.

5 Best Exotic Flavors Of Cake For That Make Your Celebration Sweeter

1] Bomb Cake 

Bomb Cake is also known as a surprise cake. The reason behind that is when anyone opens this bomb cake, he has to light the bomb, and after the explosion of the outer cover of the bomb, you will get a fully creamy cake. Bomb cake comes in different flavors like vanilla, pineapple, chocolate, blueberry, black currant, etc. 

Some cakes are baked by a bakery shop in a bomb-like container made of food-grade plastic. You can send this cake to your loved ones who are living in Noida or any part of India by going on cake delivery websites that take Online Cake Order in Noida. This is the best surprise that you can give your loved ones on their special moments because they don’t know what is inside the bomb shaped container until they litter the bomb. 

2] Photo Cake 

Photo cake is the best cake that you can order to double your celebration joy. This cake is available in a wide variety, such as chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, etc. The main thing about this cake is you can imprint the person’s picture on the cake. If you have to wish or arrange a party for a person on their special occasion, then it is perfect for that because you can imprint the photo according to the theme of the celebration.

You don’t have to worry about your health because the ink is made up of food colors and the paper on which the photo is imprinted is also edible. While ordering the cake, you will just have to upload your photo to the cake-delivering website that you want to imprint on the cake.

3] Graduation Hat Cake 

Graduation Hat is also known as an appreciating cake. If you want to wish your loved ones who have achieved a milestone in their life, then it is best for you. The cake is designed in the shape of a graduation hat which is a symbol of achieving.

It is available in a myriad of flavors, and if you wish anyone for his achievement, then this cake is enough to say “Well done.”

4] Blueberry Cheesecake 

Blueberry is one of the exotic flavors of cake, but when it is baked with adding some cheese in it, its taste lasts long in your mouth. The spongy base of this cake is made up of similar cake batter and cheese, and the bed sheet of blueberry is spread all over, and it is topped with blueberries and strawberries. The topped crunchy biscuits, white choco chips, and smooth cream will tend people to say, “One more bite please.”

5] Fudge Brownie Cake

If you want to wish or give your loved ones a cake that is chocolate lover, then it is the perfect and latest variety of chocolate that you can order for your loved one. This cake is baked using brownie batter, and it is baked until it gets cracked.

In this Fudge brownie cake the spongy portion is well dipped in chocolate syrup, then it is topped with black cherries, crunchy dark, white chocolate chips, and sprinklers. If you want to give a duo taste of softness and crunchiness in the same cake to your loved ones, along with a wish, then a Fudge brownie will be perfect for you.

To Sum Up

Ordering cake for your loved ones shows your gratitude and love towards them. Cakes are also a symbol of celebration, and it is a bunch of happiness that brings an instant smile to anyone’s face. Whether it’s a birthday, promotion, work anniversary, wedding anniversary, baby shower, etc. A cake cutting ceremony is mandatory. So, if you need to place an order for online cake delivery, go with the above-mentioned exotic and latest variety of cakes to make the moments special.


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