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A Guide on Types of Graduate Recruitment Companies and their Process


A graduate recruitment agency is a service that helps graduates find jobs in areas similar as advertising, PR, jotting and design. These agencies are frequently used by employers to fill positions that they might not be suitable to do themselves. In this composition, I’ll be taking an in- depth look at the different graduate recruitment agencies available in London.


Graduate recruitment is an important process for numerous universities. Graduates must find the right campaigners for the right positions, and universities must find the stylish campaigners for their programs. This composition will bandy the different way involved in graduate recruitment, and will give advice on how to ameliorate your chances of success.

Graduate Recruitment Process

Graduates first have to identify their available campaigners. numerous universities give their graduates access to their databases, which allows them to search by scholars ’ name and other information they may be suitable to ripen from these sources.

In addition, programs similar as the U.S. News & World Report have rankings that can be used to estimate the quality of graduate programs in different fields. Eventually, numerous universities offer interviews, either online or during in- person movables with implicit campaigners. Once a beginner has linked a seeker for a program, he or she generally also connections that person about joining the university for an interview and a stint of lot.

What’s a Graduate Recruitment Agency?

Graduate recruitment agencies are businesses that specialize in chancing jobs for graduate scholars. They can help you to find a job, connect you with employers, give other coffers to support your job hunt and help in graduate schemes London. There are numerous different types of graduate recruitment agencies, and they all offer different services. Some agencies concentrate on transnational graduate recruitment, while others concentrate on specific sectors or diligence. Anyhow of the type of agency you choose, it’s important to do your exploration and find an agency that’s right for you. There are some tips for choosing the best graduate recruitment agency:

  1. Launch by visiting the website of several different agencies. This will give you a better idea of what kind of services each agency offers and what kind of staff members are available.
  2. Communicate the agencies directly to ask about their services and how they can help you. Utmost agencies are happy to answer any questions you have about their services.
  3. Be set to spend time probing different agencies before making a decision. It’s important to choose an agency that will give you with the stylish openings for success in your career.

Types of Graduate Recruitment Agencies:

There are a many types of graduate recruitment agencies.

Private Recruitment Agencies: This type of agency is generally combined with a university or a company, and they specialize in chancing jobs for graduates. They will shoot you job operations and cover letters on your behalf, and they may also give interview coaching.

Government Recruitment Agencies: These agencies are generally combined with the government, and they’re responsible for chancing jobs for graduates within their governance. They will shoot you job operations and cover letters on your behalf, and they may also give interview coaching.

Online Recruitment Agencies: This type of agency specializes in chancing jobs online. They will shoot you job operations and cover letters on your behalf, and they may also give interview coaching.

Private Recruitment Agencies: These agencies are generally combined with private employers, and they’re responsible for chancing jobs for graduates within their governance. They will shoot you job operations and cover letters on your behalf, and they may also give interview coaching.

Specialized Job Hunt Companies: These companies Specialized in a particular assiduity, frequently furnishing the only source of employment for graduates from these particular diligence. Thus it’s important that you probe the work done by each one before you decide which one to use Employment Agencies.

How to create a powerful graduate recruitment campaign

Attracting the best and brightest students and graduates is not down to chance. Creating a powerful campaign and clear and meaningful job descriptions has an important role to play in achieving this. Here we discuss ways you can further enhance your graduate campaigns and our tips for implementing these actions and processes.

There are a variety of ways to engage with students and graduates and promote your employer brand or understand where communication issues may be faced and straighten out the wrinkles.

We offer bespoke campaigns that are specifically tailored to your needs. There are also online tools available that allow you to fine-tune the wording of job advertisements to ensure your job advertisements are not off-putting to potential candidates who might otherwise be interested.

Bespoke campaigns

Bespoke campaigns are highly advantageous in helping firms attract the crème de la crème of potential job applicants from universities. We are in a strong position to help with this. Working with us also helps you pinpoint why you may be facing challenges communicating with students effectively or raising employer brand awareness. All companies face different issues, and bespoke designs are cultivated uniquely to help you address the specific problems you face. We are experts in the student and graduate recruitment field and can tailor campaigns accordingly with consideration to intake sought and budget available.


Advertorials are articles that raise awareness of an organisation and the opportunities available. Possible subject matters include applications and interviews, how life is working in the company and the onboarding process. The content is engaging, designed to increase interest in your opportunities among high-quality graduates. We can help by providing support with building the content and promoting this to our candidate database of over 770,000 students and graduates. Advertorials are held on for a year. The benefits of advertorials include the chance of receiving 5,000 views on the article, in addition to driving through traffic to the job listing page.


Graduate recruitment is a time-sensitive process that can be tricky to navigate. Whether you are an employer or a graduate looking for a job, following these tips will help you get the most out of your hunt. Flash back to stay positive and patient; with hard work and some clever networking, your dream position may just be staying for you!

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