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Chai Sutta Bar backed Maatea introduces ‘Maatea ki Mehfil’ Initiative

Chai Sutta Bar backed Maatea introduces 'Maatea ki Mehfil' Initiative

Chai Sutta Bar’s latest tea venture, Maatea, is proud to announce the launch of its new initiative, ‘Maatea ki Mehfil,’ inviting women groups for engaging kitty parties and ‘gupshup’ sessions while enjoying their favorite cup of tea. To foster connections with women and provide a platform for meaningful conversations over tea, Maatea is set to redefine tea-drinking experiences in Indore.

‘Maatea ki Mehfil’ represents the essence of Maatea’s commitment to creating memorable experiences around tea. The initiative invites women’s groups to gather and enjoy the warmth of togetherness, laughter, and, of course,  lovely tea. Whether it’s a casual catch-up session or a themed kitty party, ‘Maatea ki Mehfil’ promises to be a delightful blend of tradition and modernity, perfectly complementing the diverse tastes and preferences of tea enthusiasts. The participants can also get discount coupons which can avail them 50% off while buying Maatea.

“We believe that tea has the power to bring people together and create lasting bonds,” added Anand Nayak, Co-Founder of Chai Sutta Bar.  “Maatea ki Mehfil’ is our way of celebrating these bonds and providing a platform for women to connect, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.”

“Tea has always been more than just a beverage; it’s the most important part of a conversation, laughter, and shared moments. With ‘Maatea ki Mehfil,’ we aim to create a welcoming space where women can come together, unwind, and forge meaningful connections while enjoying our exquisite range of teas.” said Anubhav Dubey, Co-Founder of Chai Sutta Bar. 

Rahul Patidar, Director of Chai Sutta Bar said, “I’m thrilled to introduce ‘Maatea ki Mehfil,’ an endeavor dedicated to honoring the timeless tradition of tea and nurturing a sense of community. We warmly invite women’s groups in Indore to partake in distinctive tea experiences, coming together in the shared delight of chai.”

About Chai Sutta Bar – Maatea

Crafted with love and a commitment to quality, Maatea translates to “Mother’s Love, Country’s Taste.” This represents the core of CSB’s philosophy, providing an experience that is not limited to the beverage itself but rather fulfills the soul. Maatea features a unique blend of tea leaves sourced from the finest tea gardens across India. The company has meticulously selected these gardens, ensuring a long-standing legacy and top-quality tea. They select only the “fine count” leaves, ensuring a superior taste and aroma.

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