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History and Reputation of Brawl Stars: How and When, Where and What – Everything

History and Reputation of Brawl Stars: How and When, Where and What – Everything

What were you doing in 2017 when the Finish company Supercell started making its third game, Brawl Stars? 


You were probably attending sophomore year or college, but the developers were doing something extraordinary for the gaming enthusiasts. 


By the way, there are six founders of the company and four hundred and eighty employees (recorded in 2023). In 2017, when the company launched the game in both operating systems (iOS and Android), it instantly became a topic of discussion in the town. 


What has Changed Since 2017? 

Well, a lot changed since its launch. Some of the most prominent features added to the game include; 


Change #1: From Portrait to Landscape Mode 

First of all, the game was in portrait mode, which later on (like one of Supercell’s previous games, “Clash Royale”) changed to landscape mode. The main reason for bringing this change was to augment the user experience along with the potential for more downloads of the game. 


Change #2: Initial Brawlers to the Latest Characters 

Initially, when the game was introduced to gamers, it had only fifteen Brawlers. However, with time and the kind of updates Supercell has done, it has increased to seventy-eight Brawlers. The main idea for adding new Brawlers is to keep the interest of gamers alive, let Brawler Star the talk of the gaming community, and increase the revenue of the game.  

Note: If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, please create a Brawl Stars account so that you can experience and explore the magnificent display of affection for the game.  


Change #3: Significant Changes in 2022

The year 2022 was the craziest one in terms of traction, engagement, number of downloads, etc., for the game. This is because, in March 2022, the very first update was made. In the update, different gaming modes were added along with Eve, another Brawler. Not just that, gamers could choose to upgrade Brawlers with all the liberty and freedom. A few other significant changes were made in the game while keeping the user’s preferences in mind. For example, gamers saw Bonnie & Janet Brawlers, along with new tiles. 


Change #4: The Most Controversial Update 

In the start, everyone condemned Brawler Stars for anyone under thirteen years of age. But now, in 2024, even an eleven-year-old is considered “safe” and out of risk to play the game. Gaming experts, however, recommend to buy Brawl Stars accounts for kids under 13. It is so that they can stay away from online purchases and not become victims of the gaming community where the child talks to tons of online Brawler Stars fans. 


History Repeats itself in 2024

Just like any update in the past, in April 2024, certain changes will be made. It is again to maintain the fandom the game, Brawler Stars deserve. The main update is the addition of Lily and Draco. Other significant changes include new skins (Oh! These skins are so darn cute and have funny names like “Strawberry Lily”). 


Note: Getting Brawl Stars accounts for sale can allow you to get into the world of magical and strategic happenings. So, stop thinking about whether to install it or not and just go for it to experience the best gaming now! 


As history repeats itself, other frenzied additions to the game are Sandy, Gene, Tick, Brock, Nita, and Max. Following are the ways they are different from each other. 


Sandy: She has the potential to speed up as needed and required to defeat the opponents. 


Gene: He can split himself to attack enemies from different positions. 


Tick: We personally love this addition because it has the capability and ability to lay six small mines simultaneously. Well, obviously, it is so that the enemies die without attacking the Brawlers of your team. 


Brock: It fires rockets with four waves. 


Nita: Health and speed are augmented. 


Max: He gives energy potions to the teammates and also lets them increase their speed and agility. 

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