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EZEEPAY in great stead to be a huge micro-ATM network with over 2lakh Unit


Ezeepay has immerged as a very providential option for everybody, in any event, for the individuals who are not familiar with the innovation and technology. The start-up was instituted with comprehensive payment solutions for organizations that offer DTH recharge, mobile recharge, cash withdrawal, bill payments, and AEPS.

Considering the people’s concerns for security, Rashid Ali, Managing Director Ezeepay, specifies that customer safety is their priority and all necessary steps to ensure privacy, will be taken. He said they are executing their online podium on their HTTPS, which is secure, and they don’t store any data. It just processes the transaction and transfers the data to the bank. Post-transaction, the data is auto-deleted.

Ezeepay’s DDS started with the motive to extend its services to rural areas and conversely, their coverage has expanded its boundaries to various places.

The fintech start-up is focusing on pushing financial inclusions and promoting digital transactions in provincial regions. With more than 2 lakh agents and distributors in the North Market, the intent is to expand their horizons further to the rural areas of the southern region.

To make the rural populace aware of this innovation, Ezeepay premeditated to introduce its touch points across all pin codes, equipped with all the services of the company- Ezeepay DDS, DTH recharge, mobile recharge, cash withdrawal, bill payments, and AEPS. To ensure decorous future growth in the market, the company aims at fulfilling the demand for Micro ATMs. Abetting 3years, the start-up plans to mobilize 2.5 lakh units in rural and metropolitan regions.

As indicated by the brand, the favored niche customer base of the organization is in rural regions across the nation. The primary client fragment incorporates farmers, ladies, laborers on a daily wage premise. The fintech start-up is focusing on rural areas and making every effort to educate the rural population with digital platforms is laudable.

Consumer behavior is experiencing a drastic shift towards the online mode of payment from offline due to the pandemic. The endeavors of the start-up to acquaint people with the technology, is a step towards digitalization.  

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