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Hand Wraps with Boxing Gloves – How to Properly Wrap the Hand

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Fitness and workout regimes are all the rage recently, and with the current hike of boxing and fitness trends, various equipment and gym accessories are designed to assist athletes and practitioners in relieving stress – this is important!

Out of all innovative accessories, boxing gloves and hand wraps are the Infinitude Fight’s favorite. 

The most common problem with hand wraps is that they are not properly worn, and a person needs to understand them and their purpose and then learn how to use them properly and maximize the performance. 

If you are interested in lifting heavy and at the same time want to protect your joints, investing in a quality set of hand wraps can be your best bet. None of the boxing equipment fully guarantees injury prevention, but hand wraps and boxing gloves are excellent products to minimize the risk factors. 

Hand wraps or wrist wraps are frequently used by boxers, bodybuilders, and lifters, especially while lifting weights. Wrapping hands for boxing adds a specific compression around the wrist and protects it by providing the right kind of balance.

Buy Boxing Gloves – Hand Wraps 

When you decide to buy boxing gloves for your training, sparring, or any other activity, splurging on a quality hand wrap is highly recommended. But why are hand wraps important? To start with, hand wraps are extremely important for hygiene both yours and your boxing gloves. There are many other factors due to which you should get yourself a quality hand wrap.

There are plenty of reasons and benefits of using hand wraps; we will discuss some of those below: 

Wrapping Hands for Boxing – Adequate Support 

Wrapping hands for boxing and other MMA forms provides added support and stability, saving the wrist from being injured. Hand wraps are one of the most essential gears for heavy weight lifting. If hand wraps are not used or properly wrapped, the hands and wrists can get weak, cause strain on the hand and wrist joints. 

Additionally, people who are prone to mishaps and injuries should always make sure to wear hand wraps to minimize the risk factor. 

Go Big or Go Home – Lifting Heavier 

Hand wraps and wrist wraps not only offer the proper support to your hands and wrists but, in addition, lets your training reach the higher echelons. Hand wraps provide a unique sense of security that pushes you to go heavier with your training sets. 

The heavier the weights go, the harder the strain on your hands and wrists will be, which can, later on, lead to an injury. However, using hand wraps helps avoid injuries and successfully reduces the risks. 

Accelerated Recovery

The most common injuries that beginner boxers and weightlifters go through are hand and wrist injuries. The only good thing about these is that even when these injuries are extremely common. The hand and wrist joints are prone to a speedy recovery, granted you rest well. 

If you have Injury-prone hands and wrists, which have already injured hand joints, can be safeguarded from future injuries. Hand wraps are the most practical tool of the trade for workout routines; hand wraps drastically reduce the likelihood of an injury, letting you push harder and heavier for training. 

How to Wrap Hands for Boxing? 

Hand and wrist wrap mostly come in various types, and you can choose whichever suits your needs and comfort level. The most common and effective are the fabric wraps; these are not bulky and fit you most comfortably around pressure areas. 

You can start with either hand, right or left, as it does not matter much as the process is the same. Fabric wraps are easy to adjust to your size, and you can give a twist around the wrist. Additionally, hand wraps are swappable so that you can wear them on either hand. 

So, how to put on hand wraps properly? 

Step 1 – Start by finding the loop on the hand wraps, align it with your hands from the inside. 

Step 2 – Put your thumb into the hand wrap loop, whether the hand is right or left; place the hand wrap nice and comfortably in your hand. 

Step 3 – keep in mind to keep the Velcro side of the hand wraps facing inwards. After wrapping the hand, the Velcro should be placed outside the wrist. You must keep the edges of the wraps aligned and cover all pressure and sensitive areas properly. 

Step 4 – Tighten up the hand wrap in a comfortable position and fix it finally with Velcro. The tightness should at least be able to put a proper and adequate amount of pressure on your hands but remember not to tie it too tight and cause discomfort. 

Repeat step 1 to step 4; for the other hand also, be sure to follow the same sequence of steps. 

The crucial thing to remember is to cover the hand and wrist joints properly; otherwise, wearing hand wraps would be useless. Hand wraps made from cotton provide additional comfort and support to the wrists and are ideal for cleanliness and snatches. 

When Should Hand Wraps be Used?

Always! One should wear hand wraps always while working around weights, especially with heavyweights, and every other activity that puts strain on the hands.  Hand wraps are extremely essential while pressing or doing overhead lifting. 

One school of thought suggests not to use hand wraps for every workout as your hand could get used to them. And weaken the mobility of the hands and wrists during different workouts. But, for heavy weight lifting, hand and wrist wraps are extremely important. 

Hand wraps can and should also be used for various other exercises, such as bench presses, overhead squats, shoulder presses, front squats, and snatches.


To sum up, hand wraps are an excellent accessory that is highly recommended for heavy lifting and boxing. They are not a replacement for anything, so be advised about their limitations. It is advised that you keep their use on and off to avoid getting dependent on them entirely. We recommend investing in a quality hand wrap, not only for you but also for the longevity of your boxing gloves. 

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