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How Can Recycling Influence the Economy?

How Can Recycling Influence the Economy?

Recyclables have long been praised for their positive effects on the environment, but it’s less commonly recognized that they’ve also been a boon to the economy. Consumers may aid in turning trash into valuable resources at bottle depot by sorting recyclables, including paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum. There is a direct correlation between recycling’s positive economic effects, including creating jobs and environmental benefits.

In this article, we’ll discuss how recycling might stimulate economic growth.

Why Is Recycling Important To The Economy?

When you take your recyclables to the bottle depot in Calgary or wherever you reside, you’re contributing to an annual economy that generates $87 billion. The most obvious advantages of recycling are its ability to lessen our consumption of natural resources and reduce our overall environmental impact. 

Incredibly, recycling has several advantages that are worth reading about.

1. Invokes Economic Growth 

Over 6,300 employees and $1.1 billion in economic activity were generated in 2018 thanks to the recycling and reuse business at bottle depots in Calgary and elsewhere. Contractors can create new employment opportunities by donating or recycling demolition and building debris at a bottle return depot. Reusing and recycling construction materials keeps these resources in circulation rather than sending them to landfill or incinerators.

2. Trades and Exports

The value of discarded commodities exported by the country is among the highest in the world; therefore, recycling benefits the trade balance. You can make money by trading and selling recyclables at a bottle return depot. The export market accounts for roughly 39% of the total economic activity in the recycling sector.

Positive Effects of Public Services

Recycling creates jobs and pays taxes that fund public services like transportation, public health and safety, and social welfare programs.

3. Cuts down on pollution

The landfills that collect construction waste also have hydrogen sulphide gas problems. In a drywall environment, bacteria can convert gypsum into this gas. One way to lessen exposure to the gas and the unpleasant scents it produces is by recycling drywall.

Recycling materials has the potential to cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by 46,000 metric tons. That is the equivalent of putting 31,542 people on the road for a whole year.

4. Protects the Natural Eco Environment

Using fewer raw materials is possible if we recycle and reuse building supplies.

Bottle depot in Calgary or wherever you are helps reduce landfill waste and the need to extract natural resources. Like coal becomes energy, corn into ethanol, and cotton into apparel, scrap commodities are raw materials used to produce new items.

5. Deductions from Income Taxes

Property owners who donate usable items to nonprofits can receive tax breaks. These write-offs may cover the added expense of the deconstruction project. Donated construction supplies are usually appraised at around 35% of their after-tax value. The building’s condition, the quality of the materials used, etc., all factor into whether or not you’ll be eligible for tax breaks.

6. Increases Accessibility to Local Employment

There is more room for growth among local businesses when recyclables are collected at a bottle depot in Calgary or wherever you live and redistributed back into the community. Companies have a better chance of survival when they employ recycled materials since it boosts the local economy and reduces the cost of raw materials.


The recycling industry is producing high-quality, well-paying jobs at a time when the national labour market is weak. Reductions in transportation expenses and increases in vehicle economy are only two of the many benefits made possible by tax income collected from bottle depot and other recycling. The resulting expenditure and tax collections stimulate the economy further.


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