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How To Grow Your Online Business With Instagram Ads In 2021?

How To Grow Your Online Business With Instagram Ads

Instagram used to be a popular image-sharing application, but now, it has moved to a completely different level. Businesses of every size and from every industry have now realized that a lot of their customers are on Instagram, hitting a heart on every post they see. Whether in a waiting line, at work, or on the bus, they are always Instagraming. Hence, they have all started using Instagram Ads and marketing strategies to grow their online business. 

Still not convinced of the power of Instagram? Well then, let us tell you how Instagram Marketing can grow your online business – by getting users to like, follow and interact with your content. 

Tips To Grow Your Online Business With Instagram Ads

Instagram Promotion  takes a lot of attention, effort, and time. If you are getting started on it for the first time, here are a few tips for you to hit big on the results.

  • Post Creative & Unique Ads 

Instagram is a visual platform and posting eye-catchy posts and Ads on it is the key to getting all the popularity for your brand. Worried that your in-house team is not creative enough to create Ads that catch the eye of the audience on Instagram in an instant? Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency to handle it all – from drafting the content to promoting the posts as Ads. 

  • Consistent Posting 

The savvy buyers of today get products and services from businesses trusted by everyone – themselves, their family, and friends too. As an online business, the only way for you to build a consistent relationship with potential customers is by posting consistently. 

Hence, make sure to post consistently on the platform. And every time a post hits high likes, do not forget to promote it as an Ad. There are many free tools out there that can help you plan a schedule and post consistently on the social media platform. But, if you are still unsure that you can manage it all yourself, invest in affordable Social Media Marketing

  • Instagram Live & Stories 

While you are leveraging on Instagram Ads as an online business, do not forget the two cools – Instagram Live and Stories. Savvy marketers of today consider them as lucky charms that give the target audience a much-needed insight into an online business. Besides, the platform also has other features that help increase engagement rates, like polls, as a question sticker, and other widgets that lead to links. So all in all, while you are still at placing Ads, leverage other features too for better results. 

  • Track Analytics 

Posting consistently and paying the Instagram Ads Price will not mean much if you are not crunching the numbers – because it is important to see how every post is doing. Track the analytics to see how well your posts are doing and which one you should promote as an Ad. Under every post on Instagram, you can click the View Insights and see who is checking out your content, how they found it, and who took an action on it. 

  • Stay Attentive 

Do not just post on Instagram, promote them as Ads, and walk away. Stay attentive to how your target audience is responding to your posts and Ads. Are they liking your posts? Do they have any queries? Did they take any action? Having an answer to all these questions is a MUST to build a good relationship with the customers on Instagram. Sadly, many brands skip this part by not considering social media as a two-way street. Do not be one of them – hire a Social Media Marketing Agency to keep an eye on everything. 


Paying the Instagram Advertising Cost is worth the results. Though without spending the cash and simply publishing posts you can stay on the platform, building relationships requires spending on Ads. Hence, whatever size your business is, grow it by leveraging Instagram Marketing. If you want to know more about it or need some help to nail your marketing strategies, hire a Social media marketing agency.

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