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Protect Your Home Investment with Professional Gutter Cleaning



The majority of people understand how gutters function, but not everyone grasps the importance of regular gutter cleaning. Clean gutters allow water to drain from the roof quickly and easily. On the other hand, clogged gutters impede drainage, lead to gutter damage, and frequently damage the home itself. Here are just a few reasons to invest in gutter cleaning now.


Prevent Gutter and Trim Damage

Clogged gutters won’t drain as intended. When water builds up in a clogged gutter, it will overflow, which leads to damaged fascia boards and siding. In addition, the extra weight of the debris and water often causes gutters to sag or collapse. That means the affected gutters must be replaced. Cleaning the gutters on a regular schedule will reduce the likelihood of damage. Gutter Cleaning experts are always available to make sure your home is protected.

Reduce the Odds of Foundation Damage

Properly installed and maintained gutters redirect water away from the home. When gutters overflow, the water builds up around the base of the home. Saturating the soil around the foundation makes it expand, which puts incredible pressure on the foundation materials. If foundation damage occurs, the repair costs are substantial. Again, keeping up with routine gutter maintenance prevents that type of damage.

Eliminate Damage to Foundation Plantings

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money improving their home’s appearance. In many cases, that includes landscaping the area around the home. When water is redirected using gutters, landscaping and hardscaping elements are subject to damage. Take the time to discuss the ways appropriate gutter cleaning will protect your home’s landscaping.

Protect Your Home’s Basement

Although not every home in Marietta has a basement, many do. Water leaking into a basement leads to structural damage. In addition, all that water increases the potential for mold growth within the home. If the basement is finished and used as living space, water damage can be catastrophic. Take steps now to protect your home’s basement from water damage. Contact a gutter cleaning expert for advice or to schedule an appointment.

Keep Pests at Bay

One issue that develops when moisture levels are too high is pest infestations. Those pests live and nest in clogged gutters, but they also thrive in saturated soils around the home. Proper gutter maintenance reduces pest infestations, which goes a long way toward increasing your comfort levels. That’s especially true if you enjoy spending time on a deck or patio.

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. The answer will depend on how quickly your gutters get dirty. Homes without trees around them won’t need cleaning as frequently as ones with several trees nearby. The best way to determine how often your home’s gutters should be cleaned is to have an expert evaluate your home’s unique situation and recommend a schedule. However, if your home’s gutters haven’t been cleaned for a long time, consider scheduling service now to ensure your gutters are functioning correctly during the next storm.

Is Gutter Cleaning a DIY Project or a Job for a Pro?

While taking on the job of cleaning your home’s gutters may seem like an excellent opportunity to use your DIY skills, that’s not always true. There are pros and cons to consider before deciding to take on gutter cleaning without professional help. Remember, there are always risks involved when completing DIY projects. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of cleaning those gutters yourself.

First, safety is always an issue. Single-story homes present fewer challenges than multi-story buildings, but there are still safety issues to consider. In most cases, working on a ladder is necessary. If you’re uncomfortable working on a ladder, consider calling a gutter cleaning expert for help rather than risking your safety.

Next, many area homes have overhead power lines feeding the home’s electrical system. Those lines are dangerous, and coming in contact with them can cause electrocution. Gutter cleaning professionals understand the dangers and take appropriate steps to protect themselves and your home during the gutter cleaning process.

In addition, cleaning gutters is a messy job and not liked by most home owners. Homeowners taking on the project themselves may not realize just how dirty the job can be. Gutter experts use specialized tools to keep the mess to a minimum. In addition to cleaning the gutters themselves, the area around the home will also be a mess following a typical gutter cleaning if proper steps aren’t taken during the process. In other words, the job is often far more complicated than property owners realize.

Is gutter cleaning a DIY project? That’s up to you, but many Marietta area property owners have already discovered that using a professional for gutter cleaning leads to better overall results. If you’re still on the fence, take the time now to contact an expert to discuss your home’s gutter cleaning needs.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

The costs will vary depending on several factors. The size of your home is one important aspect, as cleaning the gutters on a large home will take longer than those on a smaller home. In addition, the type of home will also factor into the equation. If you have a multi-story home, the costs will be higher than for a single-story residence. The topography may also impact the costs, as ease of access is certainly an issue. The best way to determine how much cleaning your home’s gutters will cost is to call our team for an estimate.

Work With a Professional, Established Company

The final major consideration is selecting the best company to clean your home’s gutters. Hire a team that’s experienced and highly regarded in the area. Look for experts who respond quickly to your inquiries and provide fast, quality services. In addition, ask about promotional specials. Coupons or discounts are often available, which means the costs involved can be reduced just by asking about special offers. If you’re new to gutter cleaning, check out the company’s reviews before scheduling a service appointment.

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