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Simple steps to create a restaurant menu


You could be wondering how an interactive menu QR code does is alleviating restaurant operations in the business industry. It is simple. An interactive menu QR code is today’s technological advancement that allows you to cater to customers through contactless and cashless transactions.

However, you might ask how to create an interactive menu QR code using QR technology. You can use different technological advancements like a QR code menu software, a self-ordering kiosk, and a QR code generator.

More restaurants are making online menus to replace traditional printed menus. 

To give customers faster and more convenient service, it has been discovered that more than half of all American restaurants now use QR codes on their menus.

Customers can now place orders on their menu carts and make payments with the tap of a smartphone camera on menu QR code thanks to interactive restaurant menu software, creating a more convenient and enjoyable dining experience.

These figures demonstrate how effective QR codes are as a marketing and communication tool when used on restaurant menus.

How to create a menu QR code

  1. Open a QR code menu account and set it up.
  2. Select the Stores tab. Write the store’s name, address, and phone number.
  3. Customize the QR code for the interactive menu. 
  4. Change the colors, eye patterns, and frame styles to create the QR code menu. 
  5. Include a logo and a call to action as well.
  6. Add users and administrators to your stores. You should fill out your admins’ and users’ contact information. Include the passwords and email addresses as well.
  7. Establish the menu categories and list the ingredients. Remember to mention the menu descriptions, ingredient cautions, and other details about your menu items.
  8. You can write menu item modifiers. You can adjust the salad dressings, beverage add-ons, steak doneness, cheese sides, and other menu customizations in the modifier groups.
  9. Make the restaurant website your own. Include a cover photo, your restaurant’s name, address, phone number, and email. In the “About Us” area, you may also submit information about your restaurant. Set the fonts and colors to reflect the restaurant’s branding online and in actual stores.
  10. Install any payment interfaces that your restaurant offers. Cash, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Stripe are your options.
  11. Scan the menu QR code to verify it.
  12. Download the QR codes for the interactive menu.
  13. Install the interactive QR codes for the menu within your restaurant.
  14. Use the Food Orders dashboard to track and complete orders.

Strategies for making a menu QR code

  • Conceptualize

You want to become well-known since it will draw customers to your shop.

Are you primarily a bar that serves “pub food,” an upscale restaurant that serves a multi-course dinner, or a specialist restaurant that serves a particular cuisine?

Plan and develop a consistent theme for your digital menu as a result.

  • Organize menu

You can start writing a menu once you decide what you want to serve in your restaurant.

Sort everything into relevant groups, such as appetizers, entrées, and desserts.

The menu items should center on a limited number of essential elements.

  • Costing and pricing

Think carefully about the prices you want to charge for each menu item.

Therefore, the process will be more straightforward if you already have information in your restaurant’s inventory management system.

Using your stock and sales data, you can choose menu items with a high-profit margin.

  • Write menu description

Using descriptive language, you can use the menu item description to tell a tale and draw diners’ attention.

People eat out to create memories, and a memorable narrative might increase demand for a dish.

Consider the ingredients’ places of origin as well as the cooking techniques.

  • Customize menu

If you run a restaurant or work as a chef, think of the menu as a marketing tool.

Consequently, deliberately design a menu that brings in money. Placement, name, food photos, classifications, and modifying features should all be considered.

  • Generate a menu QR code

You can choose how your restaurant’s menu’s QR codes should look while creating them.

Additionally, appealing QR code menus make them easier to scan and influence buyers’ buying impulses.

As a result, developing and designing a menu QR code will help your company shine.

Final thoughts

Saving time and money using a QR code instead of paper menu printing is an excellent investment for any restaurant.

Moreover, if you have designed an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing online menu, consumers may place orders without the assistance of waitstaff.

Use a free QR code generator for menus to simplify your restaurant’s operations and attract more customers.


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