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The Right Way to Introduce New Skin Care Products in Your Regimen

By now your skin must have accepted the regimen that you have been doing, and you might be thinking how to add a new product to the skincare routine you have had. Here is the right method to do it.

Once your basic skincare routine is followed perfectly and the skin seems to react well, you can try out skincare products that are made for specific skin type and is made for specific concerns skin may have like aging or mature skin and acne.

Soon you will realize that there is a completely different world of serum, essence, direct acids, and a lot more in the world of skincare products. It can be intimidating and exciting, but here is a list of tricks that you can use to process a lot more products into your skincare routine in a manageable way.

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Choose the skin care product based on the skin type you have had:

Like always whatever you try on your face should be done according to the type of skin you have. It is easy to know what kind of skin you have.

  • Normal skin is healthy and well-balanced. You have pores and face no issues with skin problems.
  • If you feel your skin is tight and parched then you have dry skin. You can face problems like flakiness and fine lines.
  • When you have oily skin there is excess production of sebum, which gives the shine and oily-looking skin. It is also one of the common reasons to have regular skin breakouts regularly.
  • When your skin is both oily and dry it is said to be a combination of skin.

Tips to introduce new products into your daily skincare routine:

Read the reviews of the product: it is great to have friends and family that recommend skin care products that suit them well, but remember all have different types of skin and a product may not suit all types. In cases like this, you can always trust google. Read the review of products and make sure the reviews are from people who have similar skin types.

Get familiar with active ingredients and contra-indications: make sure that you read the ingredients used in the products. Some ingredients work magic when used together but sometimes there are few which don’t and may affect your skin.

Start with samples: instead of buying a huge product get sample products to check if they suit you so that nothing is wasted.

Use one product at a time: this is very important, do not mix up a bunch of new products together in your skincare routine. In case, you get a break out, you will have an idea about which product it was, and you can stop using them to see if your skin gets back to its normal type.

Make sure that your skin gets accustomed to each product separately so that it can easily blend into your daily skincare routine.

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