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The Top Gemstones with Health Benefits


For hundreds of years, gemstones have been utilized for their health properties. As a result, you may wish to steer away from the typical leather bracelets and opt for jewelry pieces that feature one of the below gemstones. Their healing qualities come from their gravitational force and energy, which can effectively aid one’s health. This is especially true when it comes to the healing of one’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing. 

Even if you’re not someone who believes in the healing power of gemstones, their effectiveness as a placebo can’t be denied. The body’s response to a placebo can be incredibly effective, resulting in the release of dopamine, endorphins, and other natural painkillers. 

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is considered the gemstone of affection, love, and good fortune, meaning that it can successfully relieve mental and physical tension. As a result, users and wearers of blue topaz are encouraged to express their emotions and thoughts, which enhances their ability to resolve issues. Furthermore, the gemstone is believed to ease inflammatory pain such as arthritis and absorb heat. If you’ve ever celebrated a fourth anniversary, you may well have encountered blue topaz before, but not necessarily discovered much about its benefits from a health and wellbeing perspective. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is believed to aid users and wearers with healing processes and the reduction of blood pressure, thanks to its ability to encourage circulation, which results in a healthy heart. It’s for these reasons that the gemstone is thought to rid individuals of impurity and even increase fertility, protecting mothers and babies alike. This makes rose quartz the ideal contender for reassurance and calmness in times of grief and distress.


The use of natural pearls in medicine is by no means a new concept and is one that has been used for centuries. The gemstone is thought to restore the natural rhythm and balance of your body, which contributes to your sleep quality and stress management. Meanwhile, it’s also believed that pearls have the capacity to relieve bloating and even ease childbirth pain. Thanks to these qualities, pearls are reminiscent of sincerity and purity, as well as being the gemstone of the 30th wedding anniversary. 


Amethyst is a booster of the immune system and acts as a natural tranquilizer, which minimizes anxiety and stress. As a result, the gemstone is also capable of balancing the metabolism and relieve insomnia. The amethyst is recognizable from its purple color, and it’s believed to have qualities that purify the blood. 


When it comes to illnesses that affect the muscular system, lungs, spine, and heart, emeralds are thought to have intense healing powers. On top of this, the gemstone is believed to have the power of curing insomnia, improving depression, and enhancing the immune system, particularly in regard to diabetes. 

Lapis Lazuli

From calming inflammation to lowering blood pressure, lapis lazuli is thought to be an effective booster of the immune system. Consequently, it can also be responsible for increased resilience, positivity, and stress release. This then leads to additional benefits of morality, compassion, and honesty.


Anyone wanting to re-energize and cleanse their chakras should consider the garnet, which is also believed to boost energy levels and the immune system. Due to its connotations of devotion and love, it’s also thought to contribute to feelings of hope, courage, and self-confidence. Similarly, it’s believed to have many physical benefits when it comes to the regeneration of DNA and treatment of bone disorders. The garnet is the gemstone of the second wedding anniversary; however, so few people know of its true benefits.


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