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Ways to Style Uppers for Men This Winter


Winters are around the corner, and when it comes to dressing up for the season, it is crucial to ensure that your dressing reflects a balanced mix of both fashion and function. If you prefer layering up your outfit to make it more winter appropriate, here’s some good news for you: With winter fashion, you can easily spice up your style without compromising on your need to stay warm as you have a variety of options to experiment with multiple layers and get more creative.

Upper for men is among the many versatile winter clothing pieces in both formal and casual menswear lineups. Whether you prefer something polished or rugged, high-end or modest, the possibilities are endless with regard to styling uppers. 

Not up for a formal look? Keep it casual by layering your basic t-shirt with a jazzy hoodie. On the other hand, if you’re dressing up for an office or a formal event, put on a leather jacket to add a flair of elegance to your look.

A Guide to Styling Winter Uppers for Men

With reference to building an all-inclusive wardrobe, there’s feasibly no more vital task than adding winter essential outerwear to your closet that breaks the monotony and brings out the dapper in you. With that said, here’s our guide to style uppers for men this winter.

Sweatshirt Your Way 

Casual Jackets

A casual jacket is an absolute must-have in your winter clothing essentials to add a great deal of individuality to your look. It’s one of those pieces in your wardrobe that will last for years, so it’s important to invest in quality jackets. 

However, it’s also essential to purchase jackets that are practical for where you live. For instance, instead of investing in a costly and extremely warm jacket that you’re barely going to wear, invest in one, that’s affordable and temperature relevant.

Outfit Ideas:

1-  Leather it Up

Looking for a jacket that doesn’t go out of style all year round? A leather jacket is going to be your best pick as it has a special spot in the classic menswear collection. Transform your fashion game by pairing up an iconic black leather jacket with a contrasting turtleneck, denim pants, and boots. 

This gives off a very modern and bright vibe to the otherwise dull outfit. How? The turtleneck in contrasting colors breaks off the dreary aura while giving a bit of vividness to your outfit. 
2- Checkered for the Win

It’s true that choosing a well-put-together outfit is a challenge on its own. Therefore, it’s wise to own an adaptable upper that’s both comfy and outright fashionable. Choose a checkered zip-up jacket for the win. 

The timeless combo of a gray checkered jacket, white undershirt, and black pants is an easy way to introduce grace to your look. Do you want to mute it down a bit? Top it off with a pair of charcoal suede boots.

3- Sweatshirt Your Way

Want to finish off your casual look with a relaxed vibe? A sweatshirt is your way to go! It not only complements the layers underneath it but also elevates your look to a level ahead. 

Opt for a casually classic attire by pairing up your sweatshirt with a pair of contrasting jeans. Feeling too unsure about it? A pair of khaki chinos is the safest resort while allowing the jacket to take the spotlight. 

winter fashion


Hoodies for Men This Winter are inarguably a staple in streetwear fashion. If you did not consider it as a fashion-forward item of clothing, think again. 

The hoodie is layering outerwear to help keep you warm during winter while adding an edge and athleisure feel to your casual outfits. For an ultra-modern look, pair it with something sleek and stylish.

Outfit Ideas

All the Way Black

Get the best athleisure look without appearing too laid-back. If comfort and style mean everything to you, pair up a black hoodie with black jog pants, and casual leather sneakers to look sharp and clean. 

Missing out on the manly sophistication? Team your black hoodie with black jeans, and a checkered coat. For that extra refinement, finish your look with a hat and a pair of oxfords.

Coat Over a Hood

While most men know the hang of styling coats for formal occasions, styling them for casual looks is no rocket science, either. Although sharp and refined in appearance, the coat can work incredibly well for a refreshing and easy look. All you need to wear is a white hoodie under a black or brown coat to mellow it down a little. Conclude your outfit with other breezy pieces like loose-fit pants, and sneakers.

Rock Your Zip Up

Dress it up or dress it down, the zip-up hoodie is here to stay in style regardless of the season. You ask why? In contrast to a classic hoodie, the zip-up can be left open when the weather gets warmer. 

With reference to styling, you can either wear a slim-fit hoodie or an oversized one; depending on the look you want to achieve. For a casual weekend look, pair your zip hoodie with a casual shirt and jeans. For a half-zipped look, wear it half-closed for a tidy and classy look. This combo gives off a sporty vibe while allowing you to stay warm.

And that’s a wrap! The right winter outfits with the right layering not only help you stay warm when it gets colder but also keep you ahead of the fashion winter curve by combining practicality with style. If you’re looking for smart winter outerwear, don’t forget to check out FHS official.

Modern and Vibrant Look

This gives the otherwise plain suit a really modern and vibrant look. How? Contrasting-colored turtleneck breaks up the gloomy vibe while adding some vibrancy to your ensemble.

It’s true that picking out stylish clothing in and of itself may be difficult. Therefore, it makes sense to have a versatile top that is cozy and undeniably stylish. For the victory, go with a checked zip-up jacket.

You may easily add elegance to your appearance by wearing a grey checkered blazer, a white undershirt, and black slacks. Would you want it a little quieter? Finish it off with a pair of suede boots in charcoal.

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