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What is Dow Janes? Legit Financial Advice?

What is Dow Janes? Legit Financial Advice?

Dow Janes was started by two females to teach people how to make money and build wealth. They provide advice on investments, budgeting and saving, financial planning, retirement planning, taxes, and more.

Their services are tailored to each individual, so you can get the best advice for your particular needs. They are passionate about helping people understand their finances and make wise decisions.

Who Are Dow Janes’ Financial Coaches?

Laurie Ann is the CEO of Dow Janes. She is very good at her job and has made a lot of money.

Meanwhile, COO Britt graduated from Harvard Business School. She is very smart and knows a lot about investing.

Stephanie is their financial advisor and Craig is the investment specialist. They help make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Million Dollar Year Review

What will you get? The Curriculum: step-by-step, easy to follow tutorials and resources to budget, save, invest and exponentially increase your money. Financial Coaching: personalised mentoring from experts plus real time support in the private Facebook group as well as live weekly Q&A calls with financial specialists.

Join a community of women who are working to achieve their financial goals. They will provide support and encouragement for each other. You can also join them to change your attitude towards money by improving your perspectives and evolving into an empowered individual.

Million Dollar Year Legit?

Million Dollar Year is legit but it’s not cheap.

This program costs $1,999. You can also pay $199 twelve times. This means that you will have to pay $2,388 total. If you do not save at least double the money within one year, they will give all of your money back.

The only small problem is that you cannot talk to Britt and Laurie Ann except for their weekly live calls. If you cannot make these sessions because of work or family, you will miss the chance to talk to them and there is nobody else who you can get access to instead.

Reviews of Dow Janes Online

When it comes to programs online it’s always difficult to find genuine reviews. Overall Dow Janes Million Dollar Year has positive reviews. Some which are negative are from people who are pushing their own programs known as a bait and switch.

Can They Help Your Financial Future?

Yes they certainly can help you as long as you are willing to put in the work yourself. Dow Janes provide you with the knowledge and resources to make smart financial decisions.

You will also have access to a supportive community, who will provide you with moral support and guidance to ensure that you stay on the right track.

Ultimately, whether or not their program will work for you depends on how committed you are to achieving your financial goals. With the right attitude and dedication, Dow Janes can be a great help in achieving a financial future that you can be proud of.

Alternatives For Making Money

There are a number of alternative ways you could look into instead of Dow Janes, these include.


Ecom can be a great way to make money by selling your own products and services. You can do this online with a website.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is another way to make money where you can earn without having to deal with fulfilment since Amazon deal with all of that. It can be a complicated business to get started with so finding other courses on the topic can be helpful.

Affiliate & Drop Shipping

Drop shipping and affiliate marketing can be great ways of earning too. With drop shipping you’ll need to create an online store and also find products to sell. But the good thing is you don’t need to deliver the products, you essentially get paid for being the middle man.

Affiliate marketing is a great topic of discussion too, earning this way is similar but often is done with digital products like courses and ebooks. 

Here are a few other ways too:

  1. Freelance Writing: Use your writing skills to earn income by pitching articles, essays, blog posts, and other pieces to publications and websites.
  2. Virtual Assistance: Provide administrative support services such as scheduling appointments and making phone calls remotely for businesses or individuals who need help with everyday tasks that can be done from anywhere in the world.
  3. Online Surveys & Market Research: Participate in market research surveys and focus groups in exchange for compensation ranging from cash to gift cards depending on the study’s requirements.
  4. Social Media Management: Manage social media accounts for brands, companies, organizations, etc., executing content strategy campaigns related to specific objectives such as driving website traffic, increasing engagement rates , etc

Ultimately if you can find something that you have some knowledge in, and are willing to learn more you could end up growing a business you are passionate about and even become an expert too.


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