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Your Ultimate Guide To eCommerce Packaging & Boxes


When we talk about eCommerce logistics, it is often underestimated and overlooked especially in the case of packaging and boxes. For this purpose, you can opt for the arms-length approach to the custom shipping boxes and it’s pretty understandable because hey, it’s just a box. When it comes down to the shipping boxes and custom box, the padded mailers work as singular touchpoints.
In particular, we are talking about creating the singular touchpoint between the brand and customers for the eCommerce transactions. To be honest, you’ve to think about it. When a customer browses through your website and finds out the products that they want, they will tap the submit button after adding all the contact details and wait for the order.
After this, you have to implement the fulfillment design when it comes down to picking, packing, labeling, and shipping the products. After a few days, if your logistics are cleared up, the customers will get their ordered products and will be happy upon this meeting (yup, meeting with the products). However, in addition to the product in the box, the box is one of the tangible items which can impact the impression.
It’s high time brands understand that the packaging that they choose and use and how the products are presented, it’s not a joke at all. So, how are you going to impress the customers? How will you ensure that the products reach them securely? How will you ensure secure shipping without compromising on budgets and packing? With this article, we are sharing the guide on eCommerce packaging!
eCommerce Packaging – What Is It?                                                                                                                                  
To be honest, it’s pretty elementary but one needs to understand the prime purpose of the packaging. It doesn’t always seem as obvious. To begin with, the prime purpose of packaging is to protect the products that are being shipped (it’s evident, by the way). However, the brands have to use their brain to choose the right type of mailer and boxes because it plays an essential role in ensuring that the product remains safe.
For instance, would you ever ship the glass cookware in the shoeboxes or send out the makeup products in a container. We are certain that you will get the ideas from it. This is because the right packaging promises happy customers, intact products, and you, as a brand, won’t have to go around the process of product returns.
Secondly, the packaging is known to help you show off the brand commitment when it comes down to customer service and quality. However, some brands ask how it’s possible? Well, it is all about presentation. This is because the packaging isn’t only about the product box but the point of it was packed with care and precision.
Does the packaging have enough infilling (kraft paper, bubble wraps, and packing peanuts) and documents? Is the product properly secured and sealed? What are the minor details? Also, if you are thinking that customers won’t notice the minor details, you are absolutely wrong. Lastly, the packaging might work as the brand billboard.
This is the prime reason that we say minor details are important. When we talk about the surface level, the packaging is known to be the opportunity that helps advertise the brand and it will create a viable experience for the customers. Irrespective of how the packaging is reused, if the brand remains at the front and central part, it will increase the noticing factor.
At this point, you have to think about the high-end eCommerce brands and how they pack the products. For instance, the pet food companies are famous for the branding through packaging while Amazon always has the branded tape with a smiley arrow taped on every box. Now that the importance is cleared up, let’s move to the new section!
Buying Guide For eCommerce Packaging                                                                                                                            
For the most part, it’s pretty common that brands are winded up in branding and designing but you cannot overlook the business. This is because you need to manage the packaging costs and ensure that there is value for the products. The majority of packing and shipping costs focus on the product types that are being solid.
In case you are selling something sensitive, you have to invest in the infill and sturdiest packaging because it helps with the secure delivery system. However, the extra sturdiness and material will promise higher costs. In addition, different types of infills have varying costs and it depends on the material and packaging company as well.
One way of cutting down the costs is using the same packaging but opting for more infills as it ensures the product shipping in one piece. On the contrary, if the brand is selling lightweight and small products, you can opt for affordable packaging and we suggest opting for custom boxes for improved branding and alluring presentation.
Packaging Types
When we have already covered the costs, you also need to consider different types of packaging. The packaging types demand planning, and you’ve to consider if the packaging is aligned with budgets and product lines. However, choosing the correct packaging type tends to need some research and we are sharing some options with you, such as;

  • While choosing the packaging boxes, you’ve to choose between the custom boxes and unbranded boxes. The custom boxes tend to be more experienced as compared to basic boxes but they tend to be more cost-effective. In addition, customization will ensure that packaging is according to the brand and product
  • The second option is the mailers; the mailers are known to be lightweight, small, and flat boxes and they don’t require much protection either. The mailers are generally available in various sizes and styles, so there are mailer boxes available for every product. In addition, the mailers are available in form of bags, Tyvek envelopes, and padded mailers 
  • The cardboard box is another amazing option and we are certain that they are easy to find. The best thing about choosing the cardboard box is that they are readily available and can be optimized in different shapes and sizes without compromising on the quality and sturdiness



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