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As Russia Resumes Bombing of Ukrainian Power Grid, Alexander Rekeda and United for Freedom Send Portable Power Stations to Support Civilians

As Russia Resumes Bombing of Ukrainian Power Grid, Alexander Rekeda and United for Freedom Send Portable Power Stations to Support Civilians

The ongoing war in Ukraine has brought vast destruction and too much suffering. After Russia invaded the small country on February 24, 2022, they triggered criticism from international leaders and ordinary citizens.

So, this date plays a vital role in anti-war solidarity campaigns.

Unfortunately, Russia has resumed targeting the Ukrainian power grid and civilian structure. On December 29, it launched a series of airstrikes that involved 157 cruise missiles and LPGMs, where the Ukrainian Air Force defense forces managed to shoot down 114 of them. That was the largest missile attack since the beginning of the war. That was followed but a similar attached on January 2nd. The remaining missiles destroyed energy centers in central and eastern Ukraine.

The purpose of the bombings is to intimidate civilians and make them suffer without power and heat during a cold winter.

The air strikes were unprecedented, and this Russian bombardment was one of the major attacks on the country’s power facility in six months. As a result, Ukraine is experiencing power outages regularly.

As the fight for freedom continues in Ukraine civilians rely on the support of people of goodwill worldwide. Alexander Rekeda is one of the people who have continued to offer much-needed support through his nonprofit, United for Freedom (

The attacks on the power grid caused extensive disruption to daily life in Ukraine. It plunged the country into darkness for a long duration and denied the citizens access to heating and lighting.

To help the Ukrainian population cope, United for Freedom shipped portable power stations to Ukraine.

Instead of buying the 220V stations in Europe, where they go for approximately $1000, Alexander Rekeda and United for Freedom have figured out a cheaper way to buy. It buys 110V power stations in the US, which cost about $550 and combines them with 220v-to 110v transformers, which cost below less than $80. This result in about $630 per station, which is almost one third cheaper than in Europe. As a result, United for Freedom sent 30% more power stations for the same amount.

About United for Freedom

United for Freedom ( is a charitable organization co-founded by Alex Gouzenko and Alexander Rekeda. Its primary mission is to offer support to distressed Ukrainian citizens. The organization works tirelessly to find and deliver critical supplies such as building equipment, medication, and food. Such efforts complement the support provided by other people of goodwill internationally. By offering support, people from various parts of the globe relieve the pain and suffering the Ukrainian civilians experience.

The primary objective is to assist the Ukrainians in service and energy from the war with important supplies. Alexander Rekeda partnered with friends to ensure that support reaches victims faster and cost-effectively. Therefore, Unity for Freedom uses streamlined support management support.

The organization can easily reach specific hotspots with connections in various parts of Ukraine. It offers emergency and long-term support to affected people. So, the streamlined management allows the nonprofit to respond fast to the ever-changing needs depending on the event on the ground.

For instance, United for Freedom has already sent power stations to Sumy, which is very close(25 miles) to the Russian border and is being bombarded frequently. Now, it’s sending the power stations to the Lyman, Donetsk region, 25-30 miles from the frontline.

Communities closer to the frontline have received these power stations and other supplies already, thanks to the effort Rekeda and his team make.


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