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IRCTC e-Catering: Top 10 Must-Try Foods for Train Travelers

IRCTC e-Catering: Top 10 Must-Try Foods for Train Travelers

The best app for ordering food in trains is Zoop, which strictly complies with the IRCTC e-Catering quality standards and serves food from renowned restaurants. The Zoop app’s menu offers a variety of delicious options from all over the nation.

Traveling by train not only reduces stress, but also promotes genuine mental tranquility. Food has always been a crucial component of travel, regardless of how far or how short the distance is. You might have considered eating Hyderabadi Biryani as you crossed the Hyderabad Junction, Litti Chokha as you crossed the Patna Junction, or Daal Baati Churma as you crossed the Jaipur Junction. The fact that it is now possible will astound you.

The name is Chhole Bhature

The dish that best embodies comfort Food on Train is the traditional North Indian combination of hot, piping-hot chhole and feather-soft bhaturas. If you can enjoy Chhole Bhature from the comfort of your train seat, there’s no need to pack it for your trip. Enjoy this incredible hot and spicy treat with your family and friends while spicing up your train ride by ordering food online.

Kebabs called Seekh

There would never be a better choice than some hot, grilled or roasted Seekh Kebabs at any time of the day if you want to enjoy a zesty and flavorful snack on the train. With mint chutney, onion rings, and lemon wedges, the juicy, smoky flavors of the kebabs are the perfect complement.

Biryani from Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Biryani is the most traditional dish that makes you crave more with each morsel of it. No one can deny enjoying a plate of flavorful Biryani. One of the most delicious foods in the entire world, the dish is flavorful and pungent. A hearty combination of rice, meat, and spices is called a biryani. There is one dish on the train that you must try: anything with fragrant kewra. You can order it from the “IRCTC e-Catering train food app, which is a satisfying meal.

Paratha with stuffed aloo

When you think of Aloo Paratha, you immediately begin to drool. Popular Punjabi dish with potatoes that have been spiced up and a butter lump on top. India as a whole is enthralled by it. You can eat the hot paratha with a cold raita or a hot pickle. It keeps you energized throughout the day and is the perfect breakfast food.

Zoop’s menu offers a vegetarian combo

The best option for lunch on trains is the vegetarian thali. The thalis vary from state to state. When you order a thali in Bihar, you will likely receive different food items than when you order a vegetarian thali in Maharashtra. Rotis, Chawal, Dal, Sabzi, and Salad make up a standard vegetarian thali. Additionally, you can order Achar, Raita, and Papad from the Zoop app with just one click and book food in trains at affordable prices.

Butter curry with paneer

A delicious vegetarian dish packed with protein is paneer butter masala. Tomato gravy and only the purest spices are used in the paneer curry. This gravy is poured over paneer cubes, and some butter is added as a garnish. A tasty option for lunch or dinner railway food is butter paneer masala. With Roti, Naan, or Pulao, you can enjoy this dish’s versatility.

Dosa in butter

Dosa is a beloved South Indian classic that is well-known throughout India. A bowl of hot sambar and a crispy, crunchy bite of this thin dosa are a delicious combination for train rides. The Zoop train food app allows you to place an order for it for breakfast or lunch. You are never disappoint by the mouthwatering Dosa.


The pizza’s crispy crust and cheese on top make it easy to succumb to temptation. One of the most adored foods in the world is pizza. Pizza is a great option if you want to order delicious food on trains. Pizza pairs well with IRCTC e-Catering partners’ garlic bread, chocolate lava cake, and cold beverages.

Tandoor Chicken

An excellent dish to start with chicken is tandoori chicken. In India, savory grilled chicken with smoky flavors is a popular snack that is frequently serve with onion rings and green chutney. Flavor abounds in the flavorful, succulent chicken pieces. They merely fill you up with their delectable flavor, making this dish an unquestionably must-try evening train snack with family and friends.

A Malai Kofta

One dish that can be ordered without consulting the menu is malai kofta. Foodies unintentionally think of it whenever they want to order something creamy and delectable. Paneer dumplings use to make the velvety gravy in this dish. The dish becomes smooth and mellow thanks to the cream. 


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