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Life : Is it yours or of yours parents ?


Life : With a thought in mind, Here we come up with a new category named as ” YOUR STORY”.  A Column where we will share real  life relates stories and incidence. You can mail us ” YOUR STORY “. The mailing I’d is given at end of the blog. Would like to get your support and love.



Life STAGE 1 : 1- 5 YEAR

At the point when a little heavenly attendant came into this little world, it carries a considerable measure with the same. Bliss, desires, trusts and a fantasy to be satisfied. Somebody has appropriately said. “No affection is more prominent than a mother’s adoration , No care is more noteworthy than Dad’s Care”.

life starting
Conveying somewhat one in lap with tears in eyes finish the parent’s reality. With child, comes an awesome obligation. Life of parent gets absolutely change, and their entire life relies on their child.

When a baby cries, the parents cry, When a baby laughs, the parents laugh. The smile of their baby completes their world. The first moment when the baby tries to move  and in couple of days the little baby grows, make many fall and finally learns to crawl. when a baby is hungry, the parents understand it automatically.
life baby
With Hope and elevated requirement with their wards, guardians envision their children to be an incredible Doctor, Engineer , Advocate and so on. With this the guardians begin sending their kids to class for creating them. The tyke’s development starts with school. Adapting new things, making companions , understandings letters in order, investigating them and social occasion their own fortune of life. With a squint of eye the youngster starts to talk.


Life STAGE 2 : 5- 12 YEARS

With beginning of the school life, a child learns a lot. They enjoy their lives, playing games , watching Cartoons and gather every ones love and affection.

life kids

But, irrespective of this, they are unaware of the fact that a huge bomb is ready to strike upon them. In a passive of time, things change, the pressure of study controls the child’s brain. The parents expectation grows high day by day. At that stage, parents tries to fulfil all their needs and requirements, but children are unaware of the high expectations that their parents are carrying. A child’s brain is affected and he totally tries to focus on studies.

Life STAGE 3 :12 – 24 YEARS

At this stage, the fun passes on, and what encompasses is studies and studies ! A kid cerebrum has not developed to that level where a kid needs to choose what he needs to be in future. The guardians force their fantasies on their youngster’s brain.

Life : Is it yours or of yours parents ?

This is the stage where the generation gap creates a huge problem. The thoughts of a child and their parents contradict each other. The little child has grown up into a youth, full of energy and enthusiasm.

life father

He is in  that stage where a great confusion that occurs is to listen to your own heart and mind or to direct yourself according to your parent’s desire. Differences and communication gap are generated between a parent and a child.

Should a child decides about his future or his parents?

Here the question arises that are parents controlling on their children life or not ?

There is a voice inside of you

  that whispers  all day long,

” I feel this is right for me ,

  I know that this is wrong.”

 No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

 Or wise man can decide

 What’s right for you – just listen to

 The voice that speaks inside.


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