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Perception-Yes It Can Be Changed


Thanks Alankrita (From New Delhi)  for sharing your story with Us. We are glad to share it with our visitors.

Life is never to short to experience anything. In today’s chance, individuals are more worry about the evil happenings going all around. Here I share my Life related rate.
I was persuing my Diploma degree, which was on non going to premise. A year prior I went to the school to give my exam, there I saw many individuals with various perceptives, demeanor and so on.


I saw I was the special case who was giving the examination in English medium. I was very apprehensive. A man who was on a seat before me pivoted and investigated my paper trusting that I would help him amid exam.
His first response was “OH ! English. It gave me an unusual feeling. In an additional couple of minutes he pivoted and called me “madam ji “.
From that day, In each examination that man pivoted amid examination and says ” Madam ji , or bs badiya”.
Everytime in each examination , this man gave me an inclination as though he is prodding me or quite recently attempting to make discussion with me.
A year passed away, Now it was the second year of our Diploma course. I went again for the examination approximately 5 months after. Again the same man was sitting on the bench placed before mine bench.
That day he simply turned around and  all of a sudden kept a pen on my table. At first I didn’t comprehend the circumstance. With a startled heart I called that man and asked – This pen ?
He was going to state something however then the invigilator found him looking in reverse and asking him to look forward.
I was absolutely in a wierd circumstance. there after I completed my exam and was strained in light of the fact that I need to leave the room  and present the paper to the invigilator . In any case, , I was having that pen still on my seat.
I again took a deep breath called that man in a low voice and asked him again about  about the pen. Also, what he addressed was actually stunning of me.
He said – ” Madam ji aapko itni achi English ati h , aap life me bht ucha mukam haseel karoge, ye pen meri trf se aapko. Aap is pen se likh kr , pdh kr bht bada insaan bnna”.
His small saying acquires tears in my eyes, I was actually stunned.
” A man who was elder than me , don’t know how to compose English turn out to be a great person , more respected . That day I felt so little before that man.
Salute to you.
Yes! Only because of some evil happenings we can not consider all men as same. He was a genuine legend.


So, This was Alankrita’s Story. what’s yours?

Do share it with Us and with our readers.

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