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What To Do If You Fail In Competitive Exams?

What To Do If You Fail In Competitive Exams?

Acknowledging your failure, taking steps to identify problem areas and practicing harder can help achieve better results in the next attempt

With thousands of candidates and only a few seats available, clearing competitive exams is no easy task. Be it medical, engineering, business management, administrative services, defense, law, banking, railways, etc., cracking the respective entrance tests can be a huge challenge. For example, more than 13 lakh applicants had participated in 2023 UPSC Prelims exam for just 1,255 vacancies. 

With such intense competition, it is natural that the majority of candidates will fail to qualify. Such failure to crack a competitive exam can be emotionally devastating. It can also create financial burden for the family. Some candidates fail not once but multiple times, which can increase the stress several times more. However, it is important to not lose hope and fight back with more determination. Here are some things that can be done if you fail in a competitive exam.

Release pent-up emotions

It is important to talk to someone about what you are going through. It could be a friend, a family member or a counselor. Do not bottle-up your emotions and feel frustrated. By releasing pent-up emotions, you can proceed further with more confidence and determination. 

Consider failures as a learning process

Even when you may have failed to crack a competitive exam, you will still be better in comparison to what you were a year earlier. It is just that you have to try one more time with greater effort. With your failures, you can come to know what exactly may have gone wrong. 

Identify what went wrong

Were the questions too tough or was it something that you had not prepared for? Did you suffer from anxiety during the exam, which resulted in mistakes? Were the questions completely different from the study material that you were practicing? Did you feel you could have done better if you had more time? Answers to such questions can help identify the exact cause of failing to crack an entrance exam. You can accordingly take action to achieve better results in the next attempt.

Consider choosing a top coaching institute

There is currently a big debate about the usefulness of coaching institutes. Irrespective of that, you can still consider joining a coaching institute. It is possible that you may learn entirely new aspects that no one had told you earlier. Many candidates do prepare for competitive exams on their own and clear it as well. But it is possible that more guidance from experts may be needed in your case. With a coaching institute, you can also access the latest study materials and information about the upcoming exam format.

Rethink your career goals

Sometimes, you may have to ask yourself if you are pursuing a career that you are really interested in. If you have chosen a career goal just due to peer pressure and not necessarily based on your interest, it could be a reason for your failure in a specific competitive exam. In such scenarios, you may rethink your career goals. You can choose a stream that you really like and pursue it with full determination. There is also the option of launching your own small business.

Keep in mind that performing poorly in an entrance exam does not define your intelligence or capabilities. Instead, it presents a chance to grow, adjust and emerge even more resilient. By embracing the right strategy, commitment and an optimistic outlook, you can achieve your career goals and aspirations.

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