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Is Social Media Safe? 5 Tips to Keep It Secure!


Social media networks help users to stay in contact with one another globally. However, almost 60% of the worldwide population uses social media platforms. Well, we’re all spending a substantial part of our time using social media to keep connecting with each other.

But, is social media safe or is your personal information is on risk to get leaked?

It is crucial to keep in mind that there is a great possibility that these accounts get hacked via cyber attackers or online scammers. Therefore, in order to keep track of your child’s social media accounts, you can opt for social spy WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. These apps can help you monitor your child’s activities, to help you keep them safe.

In this guide, you will explore five proven tips and tricks to keep your social media accounts and information secure.

Is Your Social Media Information Safe?

Social media can enhance brand engagement and brand awareness with the audience which allows you to advertise your brand in a cheaper and unconventional manner. However, social media threats and malware have increased with the innovation of technology. This is one of the major challenges encountered by social media users.

There could be five possible social media-related cyberattacks that may keep your information at risk.


Malware is accessible through harmful links or websites spread on social media. The malicious program is referred to as malware, which comes in a wide variety of forms, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, and ransomware. Cybercriminals gain access to devices and networks using malware in order to steal data, commandeer systems, build botnets, cryptojack, or otherwise harm systems.


Catfishing is the practice of using someone’s data and photographs to create a false identity, which is then used to harm someone on a social media platform. Catfishers typically create a false identity to deceive their victims into interacting with them or transacting business with them electronically with the intention of obtaining from the target, degrading them, or both.

Social Engineering

An attack using social engineering generally consists of several steps. The intended target will be investigated by the hacker, who will then gather information about them and utilize it to get through security measures. The attacker then strives to win over the victim’s trust before finally using deception to persuade them to reveal confidential material or break security rules.

Clearly, social media gives a social engineer a way to interact with a target in a casual way and organically press them for data that may be utilized to assist launch an assault.

5 Tips to Keep your Social Media Safe?

So, do you still ask, is social media safe? Yes! Your social media accounts are prone to get hacked and spied on easily by any online cybercriminals and attackers. Therefore, in order to keep your social media accounts safe and secure, we have compiled a number of tips and tricks.

1. Set Privacy

When you create an account on any social media platform, make sure to set them on privacy. Keep your social media posts accessible only to friends you added on your social media in order to preserve your privacy. However, you can easily enable privacy on your Instagram, Facebook, or other networks. This also helps you to remain prevented from getting spied.

2. Avoid Sharing Personal Data

People, who operate microblogging websites, tend to share their activities and personal moments of their lives, which may take them to danger. Users who like this kind of social connection could realize that they are divulging excessive information and becoming the perfect target for hackers and other cybercriminals.

A person should not provide information that alerts criminals to their whereabouts or other acts since these networks are visible to nearly everyone. One should never divulge their travel, shopping, or holiday destinations, for instance. Additionally, it should never be made public when they intend to depart or return home.

3. Be Cautious of Adding Anyone

Gaining new friends or followers might be thrilling for a social connection. It is simple to identify users on the network who have a lot of friends, which can stoke some people’s competitive nature. But having plenty of pals isn’t always a good thing. Some “friends” can be troublesome by adding spam to one’s timeline, and some might even be bad guys. Adding friends means deciding on those who are truly your friends.

4. Set Strong Passwords

If you think is social media safe, the safety of your social network account is just as crucial as the safety of your bank account. Thus, by choosing a secure password, one can stop hackers from utilizing their accounts to post spam or malicious assaults. It’s crucial to use a passcode that has at least 8 letters. Every 3 months, the passcode should be updated and should include both letters and numbers. A password-generation tool could be useful.

5. Block Unwanted Friends/Followers

Almost all social media sites provide their users an opportunity to shield themselves from inappropriate attention or contact. While accessing a social site, you should become acquainted with the blocking features. A user who has been blocked will no more be able to connect with that person after the blocking has been done.

Final Words

So, do you still wonder if social media is safe or whether you’re being monitored through your social media? Well, it’s true that social media accounts are prone to get hacked and spied on. However, you should follow some tips and tricks in order to keep your network safe and secure.

Above, we have mentioned five proven hacks and tips that would help you stay protected with your social networking. Therefore, adopt these tips and make yourself secure at your end.

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